New Year’s Eve….

New Year’s Eve.  Time to reflect on 2015…

The year began with the winter from…Siberia.  And the dreaded luge run driveway.  We managed to stay sane – or should I say our human managed to stay sane through one of THE worst winters on record.  Of course we dogs don’t know the difference – and we thought that climbing the mountains of snow piled along the sides of our driveway was GREAT fun.  Heck, we even posed with the dreaded Easter Bunny ears in the SNOW.

We managed to also survive the obligatory holiday costumes from the Canine Palace of Torture – otherwise known as the Dollar Store.  The Valentine Heart headbands, the Easter Bunny ears, the Canada Day flags…the list goes on.  Oh the things our human makes us endure….Mind you, the treats she doles out ARE pretty good.

Thankfully – and this is a BIG thanks – there were no emergency visits to the Vet this year – and our health was GOOD.  That is one of THE best things to be thankful for.  Yes….I DID have that little “incident” with my porcupine encounter – but my human was able to perform “home” surgery for that event.  Had it been worse, I would have DEFINTIELY been visiting the doctor!  Frodo visited the Vet for NUMEROUS check-ups – but they were routine – and he passed his physicals with flying colors.  I think he is going into the military.  Or maybe he is going to be an astronaut.  SOMEBODY suggested I might become an UNCLE in 2016.  But we’ll see about THAT!

We didn’t enter many competitions this year – although Frodo DID manage to complete his Rally Excellent title.  Of COURSE, Frodo WOULD be excellent.  We both competed in our first Rally Team event – and while we didn’t WIN – we definitely were the most entertaining team!

Our human survived home renovations – a new paved driveway and a new bathroom.  Frodo and I do NOT like the look of the new shower.  I mean it’s nice and all – but really, who WANTS a shower?!
My sheepherding adventures were not exactly “remarkable.”  My human was surprised as she thought I WOULD have the instinct.  Honestly, there were just 3 sheep standing in a pen.  What was I supposed to do with them?!  It’s not like they could REALLY go anywhere.  The first time we went, my poor human made excuses for me.  But she was not discouraged – and booked another try several weeks later.  With the same result.  I stood motionless in the middle of the pen. Not moving a muscle.  The evaluator didn’t even let us stay the whole time.  She gave up on me.  Little did she KNOW, I was JUST about to herd those guys.  Sure I was.

This year, I wrote a little book. I published/printed it myself.  Guess what all my human’s friends received as a Christmas gift? I wanted to pawtograph each one with a muddy footprint, but my human wouldn’t let me. 

I had a goal this year of 14 “Likes” on my Facebook page.  I actually have more than 150!!!!!!  And only 138 of those are my human’s relatives!!!!    
I somehow managed to write a blog entry almost EVERY day.  Except for my short blog-cation in August.  My readership has remained steady – thanks to those of you who are VERY faithful.  I could probably list the names of those people who “like” me every day – you have no idea how much I appreciate your support and comments – and I LOVE when you “share” a story you particularly enjoy!  I have not yet done anything earth-shattering that has made me go “viral” – but leave it to me – I’ll think of SOMETHING!!! 
So all in all, a very good year!  I didn’t get my goat –  but that’s OK. 

Well, I had better rest up for the New Year’s Eve festivities – my human and her mother watching people on TV stand outdoors in the cold, waiting for a ball to drop on a building.  Then they sing.  And cry.  Humans.  But knowing my human and her mother, they’ll both be sitting on the sofa sound asleep before the ball drops.  Guaranteed.  And I think we dogs may be joining them….
Happy New Year!!!!  And thank for taking time to read the words of a PON! You helped make my 2015 a memorable year!!!

©  Linda Wozniak

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