I thought we had it bad with the obligatory Dollar Store Holiday attire, but I am happy to know we are not alone.  Misery loves company.  On Saturday in New York City they had what was described as the biggest Halloween Dog parade in the US. Over 400 dogs were dressed in costume in a chance to win Best in Show.  The proceeds for the event go to a local dog park.  Apparently there were lots of dogs dressed as dinosaurs, and even one dressed as the Pope.  Honestly humans, you really ARE a strange bunch.  It is nice to know the dogs in our household are not alone in this horrible “activity.”  I am thinking I could start a support group for us dogs suffering from C-PTCSD – Canine Post Traumatic Costume Stress Disorder.  Seriously.

And speaking of dinosaurs, my human and her mother watched the Jurassic Park movie the other night.  They were indulging in some of the Halloween snacks that my human routinely buys for all the kids who NEVER show up at our house.  I mean she buys snacks for 50 and we get….hmmmmm…..maybe 6 on a good night.  But one never knows – so always best to be prepared.  Need I remind her that she is still sporting the remnants of LAST YEAR’S snacks around her waist?!  Nah.  Better not.  Anyway, my human thought that I might enjoy the movie since I was so engrossed when she watched Planet of the Apes.  But really, dinosaurs aren’t my thing.  The apes?  They were pretty smart guys.   The dinosaurs?  Not so much.   I watched those wild monsters from my comfy position on the sofa for about 15 seconds and promptly fell asleep.

So we played lots of fetch this past weekend, begged for banana pieces and had lots of belly rubs and ear scratches.  Today we heard something about “grooming” so time for Frodo and I to hide.   Paxton loves grooming.  We vote to pick him.  Paws crossed.  Or maybe I can disguise myself in a costume.  So my human won’t recognize me.  Maybe a sheep costume….Bwhahahahahaha.  I won’t have to worry about Frodo chasing me!
Happy Monday!

©  Linda Wozniak

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