Happy Birthday to ME!

October 27.  It’s a BIG holiday today!!!!  It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!! Yup – I am four years old today.  Four years of joy, happiness and pure bliss for my human.  OK, I guess that’s not entirely accurate.  More like four years of “adventure”, entertainment,  and the occasional moments of frustration.  I have trained my human very well – to be prepared for ANYTHING when it comes to me.  I CAN be obedient although I do have a wild, wanderlust streak in me.  It’s “the call of the wild” – and I just cannot pass up the chance to commune with rabbits, foxes, the neighbor’s cat – and this past year, a porcupine too!

Ever the comedian, I love to roll on the floor, get up with my hair looking like Donald Trump in a wind tunnel, and just stare at my human.  It makes her laugh EVERY time. 

I torment my canine brothers to no end.  Frodo is currently sporting an interesting hairdo compliments of moi.  In the past, I used to just work on giving his ears an asymmetrical look.  Now, this past week, I have also given him bangs.  SHORT bangs.  My human is NOT impressed. Personally, I love the look.

And poor Paxton, is totally accustomed to my wild side.  I must learn to be nicer to the big guy – he is soooooooooooo tolerant of me.  He won’t even make eye contact with me when I get crazy sometimes.  I really DO like him – and I lick him every chance I get!

But despite my wild side, I AM also a very cuddly kind of guy.  I love snuggling with my human – whether she is watching a movie on the sofa, sound asleep in her bed, or just sitting RIGHT next to her while she is eating her breakfast. 

So it’s a day to celebrate ME – and all the crazy things I do.  We are planning a PONtastic day, with extra treats, extra bananas, and extra games of fetch.   And I think my human can even have a glass of wine.  On me.  Heaven knows, she needs it!

© Linda Wozniak

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