Sheep -2. PON -0.

OK.  I give up.  What did you REALLY want me to DO with those sheep?  I think this is what’s called “2 strikes.”  Yup.  Sheep- 2.  PON -0.  
We drove a little over an hour.  And we got there early – so I could have another poop before I went in the pen. My human wanted to be SURE I was completely ready for those sheep.   I delivered as expected and off we went to see the sheep.
I went in the pen with the three sheep.  It was a gorgeous day – so we couldn’t blame anything on rain this time.  My human hobbled in the pen with me – broken toe and all.
And did I even LOOK at the sheep?  Nope.  I stuck to my human like glue initially, and then just stood like I was stuffed in the middle of the ring.  I watched a border collie move some sheep outside and then I watched my human try to move the sheep. She didn’t do such a great job either.  But I just stood there.  And all the coaxing, begging and praying could NOT make me go near those sheep.  The judge lady didn’t even give us our full 5 minutes. She said I wasn’t interested.  So my human hobbled out with me.  I was quite happy to leave.
So the saying goes – three strikes and you’re out.  But my human is thinking that two strikes in my case is probably enough.  I’ll stick to obedience and rally.  Speaking of which – Team Bark is reuniting for another competition.  In November, Frodo and I will again be joining our buddies Goro and Chimo for another Team competition.  I had better start practicing.  At least I don’t need sheep to do it.  Actually, MAYBE if we GOT some sheep, I could learn to move them.  Nah.  I’ll stick with rabbits.  And cats.  And porcupines.  And leaves.
©  Linda Wozniak

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