I confess. I was bad.

Oh boy I am in TROUBLE this time.  BIG trouble.  My human has, what she is fairly certain is, a broken toe.  And it’s kinda my fault.  Well. It IS my fault…

She was sound asleep and at 3AM Friday she heard me growling at Paxton.  I do that if he gets close to my sleeping space.  And I had jumped up and I was staring at him.  Poor Paxton doesn’t even LOOK at me.  And I’m not even SURE why I do it.  It doesn’t happen a lot – but when it does, my human is QUICK to stop me.  So she woke up and JUMPED out of bed and moved quickly to grab me and in the process, JAMMED her foot into the leg of the bed.  She hit it square on and she KNEW she did something to her middle toe.  She heard a crack. I was quickly banished from the bedroom.

I was pretty sheepish – yes ME sheepish- when she opened the bedroom door at our usual time to get up.  My human hobbled around, but she wouldn’t even LOOK at me.  We didn’t get to go for very long walks – I’m thinking her toe was pretty sore.  She has broken enough toes to know it is probably broken.  Did I mention she IS a bit of a klutz?

Anyway, I have been on my BEST behavior.  I have put my best “I’m sorry” look on.  At breakfast I sat staring at her with my adorable head tilt.  It worked, because before breakfast was over, she was already petting me.  By the time she got home from work, she seemed to forget about my indiscretion.

Today it looks like we WILL try the sheep thing.  It’s my chance to redeem myself.  The pressure is on.  Paws crossed the rain holds off, and my inner herding instinct comes out.   

©  Linda Wozniak

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