I’m not the ONLY bad dog

You know, sometimes you would think I am the only one who gets in trouble in this house.  But not ALWAYS.

Yesterday my human was off – she has a new schedule at work – not by her own accord – so she is now home every Monday.  She said it’s something called university cutbacks.  I have no idea what that means.  Anyway, we dogs LOVE the new schedule.  More time to play fetch.  And more walks.  And more treats.  Because we sit and stare at her so she eventually gets up from her work and gives us something to stop us from bugging her.  And that lasts all of 5 minutes and we are back at our staring routine.

Yesterday she flipped some coins and went to vote.  She expected some fancy voting booth like they have in the US.  Instead, she put an X on a piece of paper next to the name of the person she disliked the least, and then put it in a big cardboard box.  I’m not kidding.  It was kind of like voting for your favorite class leader in grade school.  Same level of technology. 

Then she went grocery shopping. And when she came home we, of course, went CRAZY – like we hadn’t seen her in days.  Even though it was more like an hour.  Anyway, while she was in the kitchen putting away the groceries, she made the mistake of leaving the garage door open.  The garage is where THE DOG FOOD is stored.  That’s why I stand and stare at the garage door.  The day before, she had bought a big bag of our gourmet food – and instead of putting it up in the bin where it is stored, she had left it on the floor. So while she was in the kitchen and Paxton and I were inspecting everything that came out of every grocery bag, she heard a strange noise.  Like plastic being crumbled.  She realized Frodo was not in sight – so she rushed to the garage.  There was Frodo, frantically wrestling with a 40lb bag of dog food – trying with all his might to rip open the heavy bag – which has like foil inside.  My human shouted “Hey – STOP that!”  He stopped for one second and then tried in vain to open it before she got close enough to stop him.  He didn’t win the battle.  He then just shrugged his shoulders and went to see if anything from the grocery bags was left on the counter.

So you see.  I’m not the ONLY bad dog in this house!  Next it’s Paxton’s turn.

©  Linda Wozniak

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