We WON the lottery!

We won the lottery!!!  Really  – we did!!

My human doesn’t buy lottery tickets very often.  A couple times a year.  She’ll buy one when the jackpot has grown to some INCREDIBLE size – and the chances of winning are like one in 62 gazillion. 

Anyway, when my human buys a ticket, the cashier will ask a whole bunch of questions about what she wants.  There are so many extras you have to decide that it’s like purchasing a car.  Do you want this add-on?  That add-on?  My human doesn’t know what they all mean so she just says “yes” and the ticket ends up costing something like $82.  Well – maybe not THAT much – but somehow what starts out as a $1 chance increases significantly by the end of the purchase.

Then, my human sticks the ticket in her purse, or wallet and usually forgets about it.  Sometimes she will go to check it – and find out that it expired last year.  Very smart move.

Anyway, it seems my human bought a ticket at the beginning of December. 2014.  And she actually went to check it on-line.  If you get all 7 numbers – you win like 100 million.  As my human looked at the numbers, she saw she had 1 number.  2 numbers.  3 numbers.  4…FOUR numbers.  Holy moly. 4 out of 7 MUST be worth something.  I pictured another new dog bed.  More toys.  Some special treats…

Yes.  We won the lottery.  $20.  Whooo-hooo.  Big deal.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Something IS better than nothing.  But something tells me that if you subtract the cost of the ticket, and the other odd tickets my human bought in 2014… Well what have I said about humans not being so smart? More evidence!

©  2015 Linda Wozniak

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