OK.  I’m learning that I shouldn’t copy EVERYTHING that Frodo does…like arguing….

Yesterday my human had another one of her “great” ideas – she decided she was going to teach us a new skill.  I’ll save the details of the skill for a little while – she wants to see if she can teach us it, before she talks about our brilliance.  Or lack thereof.

So she started with me.  And a clicker.  And a pile of treats.  My head exploded.  I couldn’t calm down enough to do ANYTHING.  I JUST WANTED THOSE TREATS.  And I kept offering EVERY behavior I knew.  Without using my brain at ALL.  So my human decided to give me a break – and have me watch while she worked with Frodo.  Now Frodo is fairly easy to train.  He’s pretty smart.  But if he is NOT sure what to do – he argues – by barking.  Actually, he barks whenever he is asked to do anything.  “Sit” – he barks.  “Stay” – he barks.  He performs the behavior but he basically has a “comment” about everything.  At which point, my human tells him to “be quiet – and LISTEN.”  And then he WILL be quiet.  For about 30 seconds.  But despite his argumentative behavior, he still learned the new task.  Mission somewhat accomplished with Frodo.  At least Part 1 of the mission.

So then my human decided to try with me again – because I had been watching the proceedings though the French doors in the other room.  Well.  I saw that Frodo argues – so I tried it too.  I would spin and bark and sit and bark and lie down and bark and do EVERYTHING BUT the requested behavior.  And the addition of the barking – well – let’s just put it this way – our training session ended up being rather shortened. 

By the time my human finished with me – she was too exhausted to even ATTEMPT to train Pax.  She went over to the treat jar, pulled out a handful, and just GAVE ALL of them to him just for sitting on command!  Lucky guy.  I want to be last in line next time!!

Perhaps the “O” in PON REALLY stands for obstinate?  : )  Nah – “Prodigy” Of “Nonconformity”.  That’s me.  Viktor – the PON.

©  2015  Linda Wozniak

One thought on “Arguing…

  1. Viktor. Thanks for the story. It is nice to know that my Taz is not the only stubborn and independent thinking PON in the world. — Dan Z


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