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The 10 minute dog sitter.  How much would most humans pay to have someone or SOMETHING, entertain their dog for 10 minutes?  $18.  That’s what my human paid for the Orbee-Tuff Snoop Interactive toy made by Planet Dog

I believe I mentioned before that my human bought this for us as a guilt gift while she was away last week.  And I talked about how each of us has a different method for getting out the treats.  But today I want to seriously talk about the Snoop in a Vik-Advisor review.

I LOVE it.  It keeps Frodo and I entertained for at LEAST 10 minutes.  Each.  My human can’t let us BOTH use it at the same time in the house because she DOES value her furniture and walls.  With both of us vying for the treats in the Snoop…well…it might not be pretty.  So we EACH do it separately.  We take turns.  And while one plays with it – the other one barks….

The Snoop is made of soft rubber – so it would NOT be good to leave us alone with it.  We would, no doubt, figure out a way to destroy it.  But if a human monitors – it is a PERFCT toy to entertain.  Frodo has somehow figured out how to get out EVERY last piece of kibble.   I’m not THAT patient.  But I do OK.

The only downside – is for BIG dogs like Paxton.  He WOULD destroy it in NO time – even with someone watching – and he has figured out how to stick his tongue in the hole where the treats go in – and he can get them out that way.  So he is not allowed to use the Snoop – he uses the Pyramid for entertainment.

Because the Snoop is made of soft rubber, it DOES pick up every piece of dog hair it rolls over – so in our house if you have not vacuumed for 2 minutes before you use it, it will be covered in dog hair.  We don’t care – but our human is kind of grossed out by it.

All in all,  I would still give this toy 4 PAWS.  The main reason it doesn’t get 5 is ultimate durability and the hair factor.  The cool thing, my tail NEVER stops wagging while I am using it!  But then…my tail is USUALLY wagging – I’m just a happy-go-licky kind of guy!

Enjoy your Saturday!  I will!

©  2015  Linda Wozniak

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