Planet of the Apes…

My human doesn’t watch much TV.  Every now and then, she will go into the Rec room (which is really short for WRECK room if we boys are there), she will remove the furniture that is ON the sofa, (which is piled on to keep us from dragging the cushions off and destroying them) and she will attempt to make herself comfortable. Attempt is the key word.  First off, I will try to get on the sofa – which I usually do.  Then, it’s Paxton’s turn and he attempts to lay RIGHT ON TOP of our human.  Picture that one.  Frodo doesn’t usually go on the sofa – he would rather wedge himself behind or under some other furniture and pretend he is hiding. 
We MAY allow our human to watch something for a LITTLE while – but we DO remind her that she SHOULD be petting us at the same time.  Or we will stare at her.  Or bark.  No wonder she doesn’t watch much TV…
A little while ago, my human had a good friend visiting – and they decided to rent a movie – Planet of the Apes.  They moved the necessary furniture and got as comfortable as they could be with a 100 lb. Bernese sharing the sofa.  Frodo hid himself in the corner.  And I decided to practice some curtouflage  (n.  the method of attempting to avoid detection by hiding behind curtains.  Despite the fact that our humans can still see us…..we like to THINK we are invisible…). We were all set.  And THEN the movie began.  We boys generally do not pay attention to the TV – unless of course there is a dog barking on the screen.  Otherwise, we couldn’t care less. But this movie – well I have to tell you, I was ENTRANCED.  SERIOUSLY entranced.  And not for like 15 seconds – we are talking MINUTES.  Which is like hours in dog time.  Those monkeys fascinated me.  I watched and watched.  My human even took a picture of me watching – it’s a bit fuzzy – but you get the idea. 

The other boys didn’t even watch for one second – but me – well I have no idea why that movie was not nominated for an Academy Award.  It was amazing what they trained those monkeys to do.
After a while, my attention wandered and I had a snooze.  But every now and then, I would wake up and watch.  I want my human to rent it again – but she’s not interested.  She told me she doesn’t want me to watch it again and get any crazy ideas about animals taking over the world.  Doesn’t she realize – we already HAVE in our house?!
©  2015  Linda Wozniak

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