Howdy blogaroos. Sad Squirmy here. We’re all alone again. Aunt Sue has returned to Oldlostland. Back to Keith and the icebergs. She left Wednesday evening- and we were too sad yesterday to even write. Sigh. No extra bribery biscuits. Life is tough.

She came with me to class last week and noted how I am truly a Dr. Jekyll dog. I can look calm, easy-going and well-behaved in class. Meanwhile, I’m a raving lunatic at home. She thinks I have a screw loose. I just call myself a dog of many faces…Despite my tornado behavior- I think she kinda likes me. I trained her well to give me ear scratches and I even gave her kisses! When I wasn’t biting her or using her as a ricochet target….

So did ya watch Westminster? We didn’t see much but I know two things. An alphabet dog won Best in Show.. And when it came to PONs, my sibling won Best of Sisters. Wait. The Boss just told me that BOS stands for Best of Opposite sex. So if a boy dog wins Best of Breed, then the BOS goes to a girl dog. And vice versa. If a girl wins Best of Breed, then a boy gets BOS. The Warden knows the handsome boy who won Best of Breed – and then Szyszka won BOS. So big congratulations all around! If you missed the Herding group judging and want to see the Picard and the PON, you can check it out here:


I watched this and wondered why the announcer said we PONSs are strong-willed? Wonder where they got that idea?

So while my pretty sister was again floating around a ring, all clean and lovely looking and collecting ribbons, yours truly was racing through woods and digging, rolling in and eating mud. AND collecting an assortment of leaves and sticks to bring in the house. Plus yesterday- after the Warden vacuumed, she saw what she assumed was another piece of stick on the kitchen floor – and when she went to pick it up, it was squishy. It was my pet slug. She screamed and spontaneously hurled him – and then had to find him. She’s so dramatic.

So my sister did well at the show, and some alphabet dog won the big trophy. It was an ABCD. No wait. A QRST. Hold it. Let me look it up. Oh. It was a PBGV. A Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen named Buddy Holly.


I read one description of him that said he was “hardheaded, stubborn, happy.” He could almost be a PON.

What else is new? Well, the blood sucking black flies have arrived, which meant the Warden had to wear the full bug suit uniform while mowing the lawn the other day. So spring is really here. And just in time for bug season, yours truly did a real number on the already damaged screen deck door. You know how we basically pulled it out of the frame , creating our own dog door? Well I got a bit annoyed when we were sequestered on the deck while the Warden was vacuuming the other day- so I put a head-sized hole in the screen. So now, the bugs have full access. FULL access. The Warden has to decide if she’ll replace the screen in the frame OR put up some new screening that has magnets. The Coyote will never be able to go in or out. It’s something “new” so he’ll have to examine it like a scientist looking through a microscope. And pushing it open? This could be video worthy!

Today is something called Limerick day. We’ve written some in the past, but I decided to try my luck at a few. So here ya go:

From the time they are puppies, PONs are clever

They refuse anything edible almost never

They love to work and to train

Except in the rain

They completely steal your heart forever.

Picards are a very unique breed

Who are not always easy to feed

They are sensitive and kind

A more alert dog you’ll never find

With grooming, minimal brushing is all they need.

Three herding breed dogs owned a lady

And many a day drove her crazy 

One barked to no end

One acted quite Zen

And the third was far, far from lazy.

OK – those are the major updates from here. The Warden said she has some “plans” for me this weekend. That can be anything from a class to a trip to the pet store to a bath. Let’s hope it’s not the latter….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. JBJ.

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