Head to a museum

Hey there blogaroos. Squirmy here on another fantastic Friday. I am happy to say Aunt Sue is still with us- providing us with an ample supply of treats in an effort to bribe us from doing something bad (like running around with one of her good sneakers). She’s also very good at ear scratches. We have her very well trained.

According to the crazy calendar, today is Museum Lover’s Day. And, as usual, we like to remind you of the best museums that feature dog stuff. And there are several around the world. Check out these:


I honestly think we could rival any collar museum in this house. We have all shapes and sizes – from puppy size to Bernese Mountain Dog size. And we have some pretty fancy ones too. Which, when you REALLY think about it – is kinda wasted on us coated breeds. I mean ya can’t even SEE the collars. But then again, humans also spend money on fancy underwear – which isn’t generally paraded in public. So I guess it’s the same thing. Kinda.

Back to museums. Here’s a link to lots of cool dog stuff from the Smithsonian:


See anything there you’d like to display in your home? The Warden can find a few.

I think in honor of this day, perhaps you should go out and buy your dog a special new toy – so you can add to, what is likely, your very own “toy” museum. We certainly have one here. Although most of the current collection is still outside because yours truly likes to move around the “exhibits.” They’ll need gathering before the backyard mowing….

Well, almost time to get the girls moving. Let the ricochets begin!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. JBJ.

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