Not much new…

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on a super Sunday. We have officially moved into April- and springtime. Even though it snowed here a bit yesterday morning.

Pretty low key here at the asylum. Although yesterday began on a low note…

So every single day, the FIRST thing the Warden does when she gets out of bed, is to go to the kitchen with the Boss and give him his cardiac meds. He needs them an hour before breakfast- so that’s the first thing that happens here before anyone else moves. So yesterday, when she went to give the Boss his power pills, the Coyote started squeaking. The Warden didn’t think anything of it because the Coyote often squeaks just to squeak. He was in his elephant-sized crate, and I was in my shoebox. Anyway, the Warden gave the Boss his pills, let him out for a quick pee, and came back in the bedroom. It was then that a wave of not-so-nice aroma hit her nose and bent it sideways. WHAT was that smell? Well, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out SOMEONE had tossed his cookies. It wasn’t me. So she let the Coyote out of his condo. Eewwwwwww. Seems he not only had some stomach upset – but he then rolled in it. He was happy as a clam as he strutted outside. Meanwhile, the Warden was holding her nose and dragging his comfy bed out of the condo. She tossed the offending cushion into the garage, quickly got dressed and took all of us out for our morning constitutional to the lake. The Coyote appeared happy and bouncy although obviously stinky. The Boss and I thought he smelled fantastic. However, when we returned from our walk-about, the Coyote got the spa treatment- a full bath and blow dry, This all happened before 8 AM.,The Boss and I didn’t make a peep – for fear we would be next.

Now don’t worry about the Coyote – he’s fine. Completely fine. He had been munching on some stuff in the backyard the night before – which likely caused his indigestion. He ate breakfast and supper just fine yesterday and had no problems. He even ate blueberries at breakfast. I think he just wanted a bath.

What else is new here…. Oh. As I mentioned- the Boss is always the first one up. And as he ages, the Warden has begun to wonder about his vision. He sometimes misses a treat tossed on the floor- although he eventually finds it. But the other day – the Warden realized his vision is better than she thought…

It happened one morning after his pills, when she opened the front door to let him out for a quick pee. The sun was starting to come up, but it was still pretty dark. Well. The Boss spotted the white Easter bunny way before the Warden. And off he went. The Warden shouted “nooooo” loud enough for anyone within a 5km radius to hear her. She ran out into the front yard in her pajamas and bare feet over the remaining snow bank. Luckily the Boss didn’t feel like going into the woods – so he came back. Clearly his vision is not too bad. And thankfully the Warden did not suffer from frostbite in her feet.

Our mornings should be videotaped. No one would believe what goes on here…

What else is new… I went to my Friday class and I was fine. Most of my obedience peeps are already beginning to compete in trials- but the Warden is not yet sure I’m ready. For one thing, she’s not sure I’ll stay during the stay exercises. Now I haven’t moved during class, but she knows me- I’m “thinking” about going to visit. What can I say – I’m sociable. But apparently this isn’t a popularity contest – so one is not supposed to move. Personally, I think the sit stay and down stay are THE most boring exercises on the planet. Apparently, there have been people protesting these exercises and calling for their removal. I agree 100%. But did anyone ask us canines? I think not. In the meantime, we’ll keep practicing.

Although the news here from the penitentiary is pretty mundane – we did read about two canine stories in the news that are pretty remarkable. The first one involves a dog. And a goat…

Sounds like the two of them have found THE perfect home.

And then we have the story of this old guy….

Holy moly is that not incredible?! I hope Binky enjoys more years with his refound family.

Time to get the morning parade moving. Oh. We thought of writing a funny April Fools joke yesterday, as we have in the past- but this year we realized our real lives are better than a joke! I mean, who would believe a woman running out in her bare feet after a bunny-chasing dog? The truth is – our lives are a whole lot more interesting than fiction! And that’s no joke!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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