Piano Day

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on another wonderful Wednesday! I hope you’re all feeling good today – and you have at least a few minutes to be carefree like a canine!

Not a whole lot new here. I did some training yesterday with the Borzoi babes and the Warden was quite surprised at how well I did. Remember my dumbbell drama? Over. Done. I now think dumbbells are cool. I’ll even go over a jump to get one. AND I bring it back too! OK. Sometimes I DO go around the jump – because if the Warden throws the thing on a crazy angle- it only makes sense to me to take the shortest route to get it and bring it back. We’re working on it…And I was good on my boring stays yesterday – no visiting my stay partner, Chloe. When we do the down stay – she lies on her side and looks like she’s down for the count. The Warden thinks I could take a lesson from her – instead of demonstrating swivel head through the whole exercise. I do that just to make the Warden sweat – for fear I’ll break my stay. Works every time.

On the home front, yesterday when we went to the lake, we saw some ducks. First the Coyote noticed them…

Then yours truly stopped running around long enough to notice them…

And finally, the Boss stopped barking for treats long enough to notice them…

The ducks came pretty close – but then the Boss started yelling “hello” and they swam the other direction.

What else…oh – according to the crazy calendar, today is called Piano Day. A day to celebrate pianos I guess. Anyway, you KNOW I had to find some dog piano videos. Like this classic:


I play the bagpipes when the Warden isn’t home. Just kidding. The Boss does.

In this video, the dog doesn’t play – but he sure likes to sing:


He’s almost as good as the Boss. Almost.

Now Jimmy Fallon, the late night TV guy likes dogs and he gets them to come on and do tricks. This group includes a piano player. And a lousy hockey player…


I shouldn’t really say the one dog was a lousy hockey player. That’s not nice. But let’s face it – he wasn’t going to be playing in the Stanley Cup. Maybe it was stage fright. The Warden said that would happen if one of us actually knew a trick and we went on TV to perform. We wouldn’t do it. Kind of like an Obedience trial….”he does it at home…” But when the spotlight is on – total amnesia. Or MAYBE we just like to play with you.

Anyway, the tail chasing dog was cute but he sure looked like a Border Collie, so he should have been able to build a piano and conduct the orchestra. His talents were unused.

That’s it from the asylum. Weather is SLOWLY getting warmer – and as you can see in the photos, the ice on the lake is completely gone. Pretty soon – ticks and black flies. Yee haw! Bring on summer!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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