Howdy blogaroos!! Squirmy here on another marvelous Monday. The days are getting longer and Spring is around the corner!

Here in North America, our clocks jumped ahead early Sunday morning. which meant …breakfast came earlier!!! SCORE! The Warden woke up early, but we boys were still sleeping- because it was still dark out. But it doesn’t take much to get us moving. Trust me.

Yesterday, another Crufts ended with the grand finale- Best in Show. 7 dogs competed for the big trophy- the Lagotto Romagnolo ( Gundog Group), the Doberman (Working Group), the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel( Toy Group), the Irish Wolfhound (Hound Group), the Standard Poodle (Utility Group), the Old English Sheepdog ( Pastoral Group) and the Wire Fox Terrier ( Terrier Group). And the big winner was….the Lagotta Romagnolo – the pasta-sounding truffle-hunting breed. Yup – the fungi fun guy won all the noodles. Congrats to Orca!!!

Now as you may recall, we were very interested in the results for Best in Breed in PON judging. Well get ready for this result – guess who won?! MY SISTER – Szyszka!!!! Really!!! She traveled all the way from the US – and WON the breed!!! Yeee-haw! Here are some screenshots the Warden grabbed of her when she was in the Group judging:

Isn’t she pretty?! We know who got the good looks in the family. While she didn’t win in the group, we were super proud of her!!! To win the breed at Crufts is a wonderful accomplishment- both for Szyszka (who behaved better than I would) and for our breeder – Maggie!!! PONgratulations!

While my sister was running around a ring, I was running around the woods.

And I was busy styling my brother’s hair…

We all have our own individual talents.

What else is new? Oh! The gimpy Coyote. The Warden found the source of his limping. Another split nail. On the other foot. So she’ll be calling the vet today to see what they can do. They’ll likely have to sedate him because he’s not too wild about anyone touching his feet. I mean the Warden can dremel his nails – but this is sore – so removal will be left to the professionals. We’ll keep you posted.

Before I close, I thought you might enjoy this winning performance of Freestyle Heelwork from Crufts. It’s a perfect way to start any day!

Doesn’t that look like fun?! The Warden said we’re not coordinated enough for something like that. I’ll tell you a secret – it’s HER who isn’t coordinated enough. I could do all those moves. But because she would likely end up with a broken hip- it’s probably best we stick to obedience and rally heeling. And even that she doesn’t do straight. But I’ll keep her. Sending her to a rescue at her age wouldn’t be very nice…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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