Mourning begins

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here. Starting our official period of mourning- because Sue leaves today. We’ve really enjoyed having her here- she’s an excellent ricochet victim and she knows where the treat jar is. PLUS she even went to two of my classes AND a training session. She said she can’t believe I’m the same dog when I’m in class. She said I’m quiet there – and pretty low key. Compared to my hummingbird on speed behavior when I’m at home. What can I say. I’m a mystery.

We know the Coyote will get all mopey when she leaves – just like he did when Keith left. Any change freaks him out. Ya move the garbage can two feet from where it’s normally located – and he stands and stares at it like it’s an alien from Mars. So one less person in the house will really drive him crazy.

The photo above was taken during our one snowy day. But yesterday we had rain all day. So walks were short and as usual, not the Boss’ favorite activity. I’m surprised he hasn’t called Animal Control to report dog abuse after our walks in the rain. When the sun is out – he’s a different dog. All smiley and happy.

He’s such a ham for photos. And speaking of photos – check out these award winning canine shots from 2022:

Some of those photos are pretty incredible. That shot of the border collie is crazy. He’s flying. Really – he’s like a rocket. A new goal for me. Rocket dog. I already have a good ricochet down to get started…

OK. Have to take Sue on one more walk before she heads out. Wonder if I can make her miss her flight….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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