Howdy blogaroos. It’s me. Squirmy. Here on another manic Monday morning. Ready to rock and roll. Especially roll. Why? Because we finally got a little bit of snow. Not enough for the plow guy to come – but enough to send two PONs into a rolling mood. The Coyote just watches us. Or tries to eat the snow as he walks. Like he’s clearing a path.

The Coyote is out of sorts because Keith left. He doesn’t do well with change. He gets all squeaky and mopey. Although he was also on serious counter surfing duties too. Sue was surprised to see him cruising the counters yesterday. She said he must be really hungry. That. Or looking for Keith.

Meanwhile, I learned that seniority has its privileges. So you know how I kept bugging the Boss – licking his ears and his back? Well, he had to wear a t-shirt which he didn’t mind. But the Warden didn’t trust me to not rip it off him if we were left alone. So when she and Sue went out, the Boss was sequestered in the bedroom. Which he loved because he could completely spread out on the bed.

In the evening, when the girls decided to watch endless episodes of home improvement shows downstairs in the rec room, the Warden left me and the Coyote upstairs and the Boss was downstairs with them, learning how to demolish tile floors. He was safely sequestered from surgical Squirmy because the Warden didn’t want to be repeatedly telling me to “leave it” while she was also learning to rewire old lamps.

So the first night they abducted him, I was a bit miffed, but sulked with the Coyote. The second night, I did the same – although I did shout out a number of times that we were doing “fine” upstairs in case anyone wanted to know.

But yesterday, I had had enough. I shouted. When that didn’t work, I threw around a metal food dish. Multiple times. Then I went in the hall where we have a small bench. The bench seat lifts up to reveal a storage area – where we place our leashes and my collar with the bell. Anyway, when the metal food dish didn’t draw enough attention, I then began to lift and slam the lid on the bench. Over and over. At first Sue didn’t know what was going on- it sounded like someone pounding on the door. The Warden looked at her and said “he’s slamming the bench.” I then went back to throwing around the food dish. It still didn’t work – I didn’t get the attention I so desperately needed. Meanwhile, the Boss was lounging down there, learning how to replace a counter top. The guy had the nerve to smirk at me when they finally came upstairs.

I did note his cyst is much better – not that I was licking it or anything. But his ear is still goopy, requiring a good cleaning and drops again yesterday.

Not sure what the girls have planned for today. Surely there can’t be home improvements shows on EVERY night. Now I think the Boss just feels he is entitled to watch TV with them. Perhaps some cooking shows would be better – it least he might learn to make some biscuits,

Time to motor. Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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