Yo. Blog people. Elroy here for a change. The mops have been on the go lately- so have had lots to write about. Yours truly, on the other paw, has been lounging around, watching leaves come down, rolling in them, carrying them into the house, playing Humpty Dumpty with the Shark, and barking at nothing when it’s dark out. OK – so nobody else thinks there’s anything out there to bark at, but hello – I’m the only one with prick ears in the household- so I believe I hear better than anyone else. And I do hear things at night. Or I pretend to.

I’m here today to share an incredibly important article that is hot off the press – with regard to us canines and Halloween. FINALLY – someone recognizes my trauma:

See. Those brutal photos each holiday where I’m cajoled into wearing some kind of costume/ head gear – have caused both psychological AND physical harm. Seriously- those headbands squish my head. It’s physically painful. OK. Maybe that’s stretching it – but from my photos it is clear that I do not enjoy wearing garb and I suffer from PTCD. Post-traumatic Costume Disorder.

The mops will do anything for a treat. You could put an octopus on their heads and they wouldn’t care. Well- the Boss wouldn’t. The Shark would likely try to eat it. Getting him to sit still is NOT easy. And frankly – he can put on a cranky face too during photo shoots. The only one who LOVES the whole dress up thing is the Boss. He barks like crazy if someone is getting a solo shot taken in another room. Mind you – he barks like crazy most of the time…

So you know in some magazines they show photos of two celebrities wearing the same outfit – and they ask “Who wore it better?” Well I have two photos to share….

I think the Shark mentioned that Her Highness actually found some costumes at the Dollar Store that were marked as Extra Large. So she bought one. Just to see what we would look like in a full costume. This is after her epic fail ghost costume a few years ago where she cut the holes too big…

So, as I said, she decided to try a real costume…I THINK it’s supposed to be a ladybug.

The Boss could barely put it on. He’s a bit “wider” than the Shark. In classic Dollar store sizing , the extra large must be for a mega chihuahua. Neither could get the hood up. Needless to say, Her Highness didn’t even ATTEMPT to put it on me. I wouldn’t be writing this if she did. I’d jump that fence once and for all.

So who wore it better? The sizing is clearly a tiny bit better on the Shark -BUT in typical Boss fashion, I think he pulls off the whole look just a little bit better. The hood almost looks like a beret on him- so he looks rather dashing. With his spotted wings. And his two antennae. One of which is just resting on his head because it fell off the little hood. Hard to believe because it’s so well made…

More money well spent…

Well, the sun’s not up yet – so time to get in a bark and maybe even a scary growl while it’s still dark out. Peace out.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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