Fall musings

Hello blog readers. It is Frodo here today for your reading pleasure.

Fall is falling around us and the brilliant array of leaves is quickly coming down. We will now enter into the yellow stage of the season – the tamarack is changing and will then lose its needles. Ah – the progression of colors.

Right now, the sun does not rise until after 7:30 AM – which means we are well off our normal morning schedule. Her Highness wakes up – but stays curled in bed – repeating the phrase “Ten more minutes” over and over again. Taking us out before sunrise requires the trusty headlamp – something she was QUITE accustomed to when she was working. But now she waits for daylight. She is even reluctant to allow us into the fenced yard in the wee hours – for fear we may encounter resident wildlife. The neighbors (who captured the Coyote on their security camera in the past) have recently watched a masked bandit marching around their property. Some refer to them as Trash Pandas. Their more commonly known title is raccoon. We KNOW they have been in our yard by the telltale holes they make looking for grubs. These are much smaller than the caverns created by the Imp and the Coyote. So we know they are “out there.” We believe the Coyote hears them as he is often barking at the deck door after sundown. Mind you, he could be hearing falling leaves. Or a squirrel. Who knows.

The Imp went to a “Distraction Workshop” yesterday, and I understand his fully undeveloped brain exploded. Imagine him having to heel and stop right next to a person holding a desirable stuffed toy. OR heeling toward a dog and handler, stopping and staying in place while the two handlers exchange toys. I understand Her Highness contemplated dropping him off at the SPCA after the class, but relented and brought him home.

Her Highness is trying to recall if I hit such a training breakdown at his age. Mind you – that’s 10 years ago and she can’t recall where she put her keys, let alone my behavior a decade ago. As I recall, I have always been perfect. Oh yes – I know some might not appreciate my “chatty nature” but I come by it honestly. Her Highness isn’t exactly a wallflower.

Well it is almost sun up. And I get to go out first. Unless we ALL go to the lake – with the Imp wearing his cowbell – running free with yours truly and the Coyote on a flexi – getting tangled around trees. Every. Day. He likes to “pretend” he is free – running into the woods and inevitably getting stuck. Occasionally he can figure his way out. But it’s generally an annual occasion. Like Christmas.

I wish you a sunny Sunday.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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