We’re sad

Howdy blogaroos. Well. We are sad. Very sad. Sue and Keith leave today. Which leaves only once ricochet victim for me. The Warden. Sigh.

We had a great visit with them – and we look forward to their next visit- which MAY be before the snow flies. So we’ll do a countdown.

In the meantime, we are preparing for a new victim. A friend of the Warden’s who lives in the United States is coming this week. She’s never been to Canada’s Ocean Playground – and has obviously never been here to the zoo. The Warden will be sending off the danger waiver for her to sign before she gets here. We’re not 100% sure she’s a dog person. So our behavior could make her join the fan club – or it could reinforce cat loving. Or iguana loving. Or she may be happy with a pet rock when we’re done with her.

Hey – did you know today is Pet Rock Day? Somebody must have been stoned when they designated that holiday. Get it? Pet Rock? Stoned? Am I the only one who laughs at my jokes?

So here’s a dog who thinks rocks are super cool. I think he has rocks in his head…


Looks like something the pebble Picard would do. He likes to dig. He likes water. Put them together and you have a pebble Picard- who retrieves rocks in the water. Better him than me.

Time to get ready for the send off. We’ll look all sad, so maybe they’ll give out some treats before they go. Plus now the Coyote will go into post-company depression. Maybe a hump-a- thon will make him feel better.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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