PON on a mission

Howdy blogaroos. Happy Thursday from me – Squirmy!

I’m feeling good – the odd cough – but if we didn’t KNOW I was exposed to the plague, we might not even think twice about it. The Boss coughed twice yesterday- but at 12.5+, that’s probably par for him. And I think the Coyote let out one snarf – so I’m thinking we might be on tbe KC downslide. Yay!

So while we’re getting past one medical issue in this household, we have another one. This time it’s Aunt Sue. She has a stress fracture in her foot – and no- I didn’t cause it! She was running and she wasn’t even chasing bunnies! Running for the sake of running. A weird human thing. Although I SUPPOSE, we dogs DO get zoomies for no reason. But mind you – not for 10k!

Anyway, she’s sporting a fashionable Frankenstein boot. Which is good because before she got it, when I raced over her sore foot she screamed. Not so bad with the boot on.

With this unfortunate incident, we’re back to walking solo with the Warden in the morning. Keith is a great guy – but not a morning person. So back to the old routine- the Boss first, then me and then the Coyote. And while I’m out – or the Coyote is out, the Boss stands around shouting as loudly as possible, that we had better hurry and get back home. Now with Aunt Sue staying behind with him, she repeatedly tells him to be quiet. And he is…Except yesterday.

I was out on my walk up the road and Aunt Sue was in the kitchen with the Coyote and the Boss. The Boss had already been out for his walk. Because she told the Boss “no barking” he decided to channel his energy instead into pacing. To the deck door. To the front door. And back and forth again. So much so that Aunt Sue thought MAYBE he needed to pee. Now remember- he had JUST been out. So thinking he might need to pee, she opened the front door – and let him out – just like she had seen the Warden do dozens of times before. He’s the well behaved dog. He’s not a flight risk… But.. instead of heading to the lawn to pee, he proudly started marching up the middle of the driveway- heading for the road where the Warden and I were walking. He wanted us to come back home – and to have breakfast- NOW!

Well Aunt Sue panicked. Here she was with her Frankenstein boot – trying to go after the PON with a mission. She called his name as she hobbled along. He kept marching. She called again. He looked back at her and kept marching. But then she pleadingly said the magic words. “Do you want a treat?!” He stopped in mid march. He looked up the driveway and reconsidered. He turned around and came back. He stared at her for his treat. Which of course she didn’t have. So she convinced him if he came inside he could have one. He marched inside to the treat jar. Emergency diverted.

Not sure what’s on the agenda for today. I do need to remind Aunt Sue that although she can’t take us on long walks, we are quite happy to retrieve bumpers if she just wants to sit in a chair and keep throwing them 100 times. We can help her exercise her arms. She can thank me for being so thoughtful.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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