Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here. Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a terrific weekend with good weather, with family or friends and without any runaway dogs. We’re scoring 2/3 here…

FOR A CHANGE it wasn’t yours truly in the doghouse this weekend. So if it wasn’t me who played escapee- that leaves two possible suspects. Anyone care to guess? Here’s a hint – his middle name is flight risk – and he’s the biggest dog in the house – so he’s not easy to miss. Yup – the Coyote went AWOL. It’s been a while ….

The Warden had let me and the Boss out to pee, and she stepped away from the open door for 12 seconds. And she FORGOT to close the door to the front hall. She and Aunt Sue were getting ready to go out for a drive- and she went to get some biscuits for us as guilt treats before they went out. (I forgot to mention that Keith has returned to Newfoundland for a quick trip – but he’ll be back in a few days. So he plays no role in the Coyote caper.)

Anyway, the Boss and I peed and raced back in the house for our biscuits. The Warden shut the door- and went to get the Coyote to take him for a pee. But he was nowhere to be found. She asked Aunt Sue if she had seen him – and although she had also been within feet of the front door, she never saw him sneak out. They threw open the door and yelled his name. They may as well have yelled “Merry Christmas and to all a good night” because they couldn’t even see him – and we KNOW he has intermittent recall. Or possible namenesia. We have to change that guy’s name.

Anyway – Aunt Sue ran up the driveway while the Warden ran for a leash. As Aunt Sue was futilely yelling his name, a voice called out “Are you looking for a shaggy dog?” As Aunt Sue turned the corner to the neighbors’ house – she saw a man who was doing some repair work on their driveway. He said there was a big dog up there – and sure enough, it was the runaway. He took one look at Aunt Sue and raced to greet her like he hadn’t seen her in days. Then he spotted the Warden coming up the driveway and bolted toward her like a freight train, dodging around her as he got close. Thankfully he didn’t decide to go for round two – and happily marched into the house. Smart move on his part.

It’s been quite a while since he did his escaped convict routine. And he seemed quite proud of himself when he got back. The Boss and I were too busy eating guilt treats to care.

Today the Boss is going to a rally practice. Probably not a bad idea – since he is entered in a real Rally trial next weekend. Yup. Another try for Masters. But he and the Warden are kinda rusty – so good thing they’re going to a practice. They need it. I’m not entered in the trial next weekend. The Warden feels she needs to concentrate on the old fella – so I’ll stay home with the Coyote. That will be interesting…just the two of us…

Time to get those women walking.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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