Howdy doody blogaroos! Happy Friday from your increasingly brilliant canine blogger. Don’t believe I’m smart? Well check out this article:

So acccording to this – yours truly wins as being THE most playful in this household- and therefore I proclaim myself as being the most brilliant. The Boss pointed out that HE is known as Einstein- and while he doesn’t do 30 laps around the dining room table with a toy in his mouth, he is clearly THE most clever as an escape artist. He also likes to retrieve almost as much as I do – but he is also very clear in communicating when he’s had enough by walking to the door with the fetch toy. Yours truly would keep fetching until I collapse. OK. Maybe that’s not so brilliant after all.

The Coyote argues that fetching is a futile ridiculous game – far beneath his level of intellect. He doesn’t believe that playfulness signals intellect. He likes to play – but not routinely. Sure- he’s often up for a game of chase and hump – but then he can go for a week or two when his level of playfulness involves jumping onto the raised dog bed – and going to sleep. Maybe he’s playful in his dreams.

The Warden sometimes finds yours truly a challenge to play with. It could possibly have to do with the fact that the more playful I become, the more likely I am to use my teeth in play. I’ve improved greatly since my baby days, but my version of elevated play still turns into a scene from Shark week.

Now some might argue that attempting to roll on a dead frog in the middle of the road as not being the sign of an overly brilliant being- but I beg to differ. I didn’t actually roll ON the frog the other morning while out for our walk. I actually did the drop and roll about three feet beyond the actual carcass. Pretty clever I think. No frog bits on me. Yup. I’m one smart biscuit.

No class today or next Friday – it was rescheduled . What’s a brilliant guy to do with all his smarts and no class? The Boss just said “homework.” Right. Maybe I can get Aunt Sue to play with me. All for the sake of helping me to become even more brilliant. Look out you Border Collies- here I come!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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