Triple bath

Howdy blogaroos. Happy Saturday. I hope your weekend is fun packed and bath-free. I mention bath-free because yours truly had to undergo an unplanned emergency bath yesterday, and it wasn’t even my fault! For a change. Plus I could report the Warden for canine endangerment. But I won’t. If she pays me off in treats….

On Thursday, the Warden visited with two peeps who I mentioned a few weeks back. They lost their 16 year old Golden and are dog-free for the first time….ever. So they asked the Warden if she could use some dog supplies – instead of them throwing them out. Things like shampoo and ear cleaner. The Warden reluctantly took the supplies – as she does hope they will get another canine kid some day. But she understood their wanting to clear some things out. And heaven knows we can use bathing supplies. I’m saying that with my eyes rolling.

When the Warden got home, she put the supplies away and put a Detangling Spray on a wheeled stand that she has next to our grooming table. She figured it would be great to use during brushing.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. It was super foggy during my sunrise walk- and the combo of my foggy wet coat with dried mud from the trail, made for a perfect mud spa appearance. Mostly on my feet and belly. So when I got home, I marched into the garage, all prepared for a quick rinsing in the tub – of my feet and belly. I stood like a little soldier as the water turned brown in the tub. The Warden lifted me onto the grooming table and gave me a good towel dry. So I was damp but clean. And then she had this bright idea. She would try some of that new detangling spray. She grabbed the bottle and spritzed some on my back and either side. With a final spritz on my butt. She sprayed some on her hand to check the fragrance. “Gee” she thought, “ it smells fresh and clean, almost like an all-purpose cleaner.” And then she looked at the bottle more closely. She had not sprayed me with the detangler she had been given – but household cleaner that she had been using for something the day before. And which she had left on the grooming table. Her eyes popped out of her head. She whisked me off the table and back into the tub and quickly doused me in water. Now I should add that this thankfully wasn’t a cleaner with caustic agents or bleach- but still, clearly not designed for dogs. She saturated my coat and then shampooed me. Three times. I think once would have been plenty. Then I was half dried with the jet engine dryer. All while the Coyote was still waiting for his walk. With his legs crossed.

Let me tell you, I was certainly clean at the end of my triple bath. Plus I think the household cleaner probably also helped brighten my coat. I’M JUST KIDDING. It wasn’t on long enough to do anything. I don’t think anyway.

The moral of the story. Make sure the fog on your glasses is WELL wiped off when you come in the house. And maybe coffee MIGHT be a good idea BEFORE we walk.

Good thing we love her…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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