Surf’s up


Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here – planning a trip myself to a much cooler climate. The weather here the past few days has been dreadfully hot and humid. You would not BELIEVE what it can do to one’s hair. As soon as I exit the house, I wish to return home. I’m not even particularly interested in going on early morning walks. The temperature may be reasonable, but combined with the humidity- I walk almost as slowly as if it was raining. I perform my best imitation of a funeral match.

I definitely require a good brushing, but Her Highness worries about a heart attack . Either hers or mine. Because I DO pant very hard during the torture exercise and truth be told, I try very hard to escape. Combine my behavior with inferno temperatures, and she keeps putting off my brushing. Who can blame me?

The dreadful oven temperatures aside, I saw a rather unusual activity that some dogs in California do – to beat the heat. You may read about it here – and even play a video:

For me, this particular activity could not be any more dreadful or frightening. While they CLAIM that dogs enjoy this unique “sport” – I’m not so certain they do. I could not evem bring myself to watch the horror show. I’m not a fan of grisly films. And to me – this is one of THE most upsetting pieces of journalism I have seen. That being said, I would likely excel at the sport because I would try with every fiber of my being to keep from being submersed. Heat or no heat – I’ll suffer in silence rather then get wet. Count me out.

The photo you see is at our neighbors’ house. They were away for just a few days, and Her Highness went over to water their garden. Thank the heavenly powers that she went up yesterday morning. Had she not, she could have caused the demise of their potted basil plants. She doused the garden with water while I patiently waited. It is just as well that she did not plant a garden herself this year. Last year’s minimal return deterred her from attempting the farming routine this year. The fact that we canines did like to use the beds as a romping area probably did not help last year. I shall miss the tiny tomatoes though.

Well, we supposedly have rain in the forecast the next few days. I just hope it brings a close to the oppressive humidity. And I hope it stops raining while I must do my daily constitutional. Speaking of which, it is almost time to begin property patrol.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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