Magic. And selling stuff.

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on a super Sunday. No rain in the forecast and the Warden has nothing scheduled today (except answering our every need which includes ear and butt scratches) – so it is going to be a fabulous day!!

Today, according to the crazy calendar, also happens to be Magic Day. Here’s a funny article with some cool videos of canines and magic:

I love the look on the Frenchie’s face!!!

I’m not so sure the dogs in this house would be fooled by the blanket trick. The Warden hasn’t tried it because she figures either a. She’ll knock herself out trying to get away or b. We’ll knock over the iPhone that is recording us. Plus honestly, I think we’d quickly figure out she’s around the corner. I think the Boss would think she was just folding laundry.

The Warden was gone for the morning yesterday, selling junk at a yard sale. Not in our yard – because we would go nutso if people came to our yard – so she drove to a different community to sell stuff. I made SURE she wasn’t selling any of our toys or bones – and she wasn’t. She came home and said she made enough money to pay for a large bag of dog food and about a dozen bags of biscuits. I’m so glad she knows exactly where to spend her profits. On us! I said she should also go and treat herself to something like a candy bar. Or a pack of gum.

I think she should have taken us to the sale. CAN you imagine? I could see it now. Tables toppling over if we saw a dog. Barking. Begging. PONdemonium . On the other hand, the Zen dog would have probably LOVED the experience. Maybe next time!

Still don’t know about the mystery guest. Rumor has it, someone is arriving on Tuesday. Which means 48 hours of housecleaning ahead. What a waste of time. The other day, the Warden vacuumed first thing in the morning before we even went out. In literally less than 10 minutes (after we went out) she sighed and said “look at the carpet – it’s like I never vacuumed.” It’s a losing battle.

Time to go on a GBH.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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