I survived

Howdy blogaroos! Private Wojtek reporting again for blog duty. Well – I finished my first round of bootcamp, and didn’t even get blisters on my feet. I learned LOTS and had a blast. And the Warden was happy because I came home each day and I enjoyed some good naps. She did too….We both had a great time.

We’re already looking forward to attending another one in the Fall. Although we wish it was next week! BUT at least we go back to regular class today.

Meanwhile, something is going on around here. The Warden is on a clean-a-thon which generally means COMPANY. I love company- more unsuspecting ricochet targets. But WHO could it be? Way too early for Santa- and the Easter rabbit was long ago chased into the woods. Maybe we’re getting a puppy!!! Nah – the Warden said three of us canines is quite enough. Actually, she said I count for two.

Maybe a kitten!! I still want one, and I think the Warden said I can get one when I’m 12. Only 10 years to go! It will fly.

Well, it’s a mystery. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Hopefully whoever it is comes with body armor. I may have completed bootcamp, but I still have a FEW things to learn!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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