Weather or not

Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here for your reading pleasure today. It has been quite some time since you’ve enjoyed the pleasure of my writing – the Imp is rather enthusiastic and a tad pushy – so the FG and I allow him to write more frequently. Besides – it keeps him busy for a few moments giving us much needed respite.

This blog is, how do some word it… ah a “shout out” to readers in Florida who might be interested in hosting yours truly for a few weeks. Or months. This winter. Well I suppose that’s not entirely true – but I do have a bit of a dilemma. Which began with a large snowfall here the other day….

I suppose I should not have been surprised that we had snow. The “official” start to winter is not far off, and let’s face it – December is a month associated with snowy songs, and movies. 

However, yours truly was NOT impressed with the large snowfall we had the other day. I was in NO hurry to go out for my morning constitutional because I had been following the weather channel all night, and I KNEW what lie ahead before I stepped out the door. The Imp went out first, plowing a rather erratic path along the driveway. He jumped and hopped his way along, finally stopping half way up to the road and he did his “business.” He actually would have stayed outside longer, but giant snowballs were forming on his body so he was quite happy to come inside.

Then it was my turn…

Whenever I go out for a walk, I always prance happily ahead of Her Highness. But not on a day when when it rains OR a day when the snow is up to my neck. And that was the case the other day. The snow was DEEP. And instead of my usual “leading the way” routine, I trudged slowly behind Her Highness, looking as if the treat jar was empty. In fact, I was SO downtrodden looking, that she actually questioned whether something was seriously wrong with me. She turned to face me and said something like “we’re not going far – just until you poop.” Poop? That’s all she wanted? I immediately stopped and produced what she was looking for. When she said “OK, we can go back home”, I whirled around and jumped and raced for the front door. I had a miraculous recovery from my previous trudging behavior.

The FG did not mind the snow. I believe that because he is taller, it was MUCH easier for him to navigate. He was in no hurry to come inside.

So that brings me to my request for Florida living. Or Texas. Or Mexico – or really ANYPLACE where I am not required to freeze my nether regions. 

But here’s the interesting part. While I do not enjoy the role of a snowplow, I AM quite happy to dig a little comfy spot in the snow and to lie down. I know. I know. That sounds contrary to my tale of WALKING in a winter wonderland.  But it’s true. When Her Highness let the other two maniacs out in the backyard yesterday afternoon- which was still full of snow, they BOTH ran around until they couldn’t move because of the snowballs. And one would THINK I would stay indoors, close to a cozy fire. But no. I went out on the deck, tromped down the snow, and made myself quite comfortable.  So perhaps balmy climates are not REALLY what I desire…It’s a conundrum.

Meanwhile, last night the Imp and I went to a rally fun match in preparation for our REAL rally trials on Sunday.  Yes – this Sunday.  This was a practice to see how we are both doing. The Imp is entered in Novice and yours truly is entered in Masters.  While yours truly is an extremely attentive, well-behaved participant, who LOVES to heel, Her Highness is fairly certain we will not pass – due to her own ineptitude about the signs. She was studying them in earnest last night – AFTER the practice. I believe some call it cramming. Anyway, I did relatively well, but I’m not crazy about jumping, so that likely will be my nemesis. A dropped bar equals a fail – and this twinkle toes has been known to drop a bar or two. Masters is a difficult level – and it’s probably been 8-9 years since I have formally competed – so our main goal is to have fun. That’s a given. The Imp is a wild card. He could score high – or could decide to do freestyle- resulting in a low score. It’s anyone’s guess. We’ll let you know the results – unless the event is carried on CNN – then you can watch it yourself. I am just jesting. I’m case you were immediately trying to find it on the channel guide. That’s all we would need would be network coverage- Her Highness was nervous at the fun match. She would need sedation for the real trial.

Anyway we shall keep you posted. In the meantime, I must go and hide. After our wintry weather the other day, today we have rain in the forecast. What IS a PON supposed to do in these conditions?! Maybe Florida isn’t such a bad idea after all. 

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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