Yard work

Hey blogaroos. It’s bored Squirmy here on a wintry Thursday. Well, the snow actually started last night – so it was a wintry Wednesday. Which sounds better. But it’s still snowing- so it’s a good thing we don’t have anywhere we have to be today. No classes. We have enough food and treats (thankfully). No other appointments. We can just run around the yard and leave our yellow signatures on the pure fresh snow.

We’re kinda bored since Aunt Sue left. We were just getting ahead in our training with her – she was even beginning to sing along with the bedtime song that the Warden sings to us each night. She made it up. And trust me – it would never make the Top 10 Billboard hits, but it IS kinda catchy. It signals to us that it’s time for bed. Once she starts, we head for the bedroom. We really could make a reality TV show…

Since the Coyote and I were both feeling bored yesterday, we decided to do some yard work. The Warden was busy doing something boring like folding laundry or futile dusting, so my compatriot and I went outside. The Boss just hung out on the deck in a position where he could watch us and the Warden at the same time.! There was no snow on the ground yet, but the lawn was wet from all the rain we’ve had lately. Like the other night. Holy moly – we had rain and wind AND thunder and lightning!!! Lots of thunder and lightning. Luckily, none of us are bothered by it.

But back to the yard work. The Warden was busy, but even though she’s absorbed in something, she still has this voodoo sense when we’ve been gone for a while – AND she hears nothing. Silence around here is like an alarm signal somewhere else. No barking, no sounds of anyone racing around, no chewing or wrestling sounds – and it generally spells trouble. Sure enough- the Warden went out on the deck and saw the reason for the silence. The Coyote and I were creating a new “pond” in the lawn. We have a series of holes that we have dug, trying to create a really good pond. The one we started yesterday was VERY promising. Until the Inspector saw the job and shouted for us to come in. She immediately regretted that move – because yours truly was particularly muddy and wet. But hey – I came when called, tracking in the mud from the excavation site and leaving identifying paw print tracks on the carpet. How do you spell filthy?

The Coyote didn’t look quite as bad as me – because I was the one doing most of the work. The Warden took one look at me, and after she snapped a few shots to commemorate the groundbreaking for the new pond, she whisked me and my big fluffy feet into the tub in the garage. I’m used to it.

The good thing about snow is no mud! But get this – the temperatures are going way up by the weekend- AND we are getting lots of rain! I’ll be able to see if the pond holds water. If not, it just might need to be a bit deeper.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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