Leaves and stuff

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy get-back-here Wormy today. Here for your dose of better her than me.

Yesterday we had kind of a rainy blustery day – which meant short walks. The Warden complained that it was miserable out – and we all agreed, so we all did our business pretty promptly. Especially the Boss. We KNOW how much he loves the rain. Not.

The day before that, the Warden announced that she was going to do the final mow of the year. The objective was to mow until the mower ran out of gas. Which would mean it would be empty for the winter which is apparently a good idea. Don’t ask me why- I don’t know anything about small engines- and frankly neither does she. She probably read it on Facebook, so she does it. She didn’t bother raking the carpet of leaves, because she also read somewhere that mulched leaves are good for your lawn. Or in our case, good for the weeds. Anyway, she decided to do it – in what I think is similar to military landmine operations. Why? Well because it’s that joyful time of the year for playing a game of Where’s Poopy. Like Where’s Wojtek – only the object of the search is not nearly as cute.

You see, the Warden is pretty obsessive about picking up our poop. But let’s face it, sometimes we just go out on our own and deposit a load and she doesn’t see us do it. So typically, before she mows, she runs reconnaissance to find any land mines. But NOW, the lawn is covered, and I mean covered in leaves. So even though she did a walk around, it was pretty useless. I mean it’s the time of year when even if you’re standing right next to your dog while he’s making a deposit, and you turn your head for a minute and take your eyes off the prize, you may have difficulty finding it in all the leaves. Especially in the morning or at sunset, when the light isn’t good. And at night? Why you need a headlamp and you get double the points if you find the prize in the pitch dark.

We had so many leaves on the lawn, it was even clogging up the mower. At one point, the Warden thought she might have hit a land mine because of the telltale aroma. But she kept on going. I mean once you hit a mine, it’s too late to turn back…

After she mowed, she brought out the leaf blower. She was trying to blow all the leaves caught on the fence into the woods. That was entertaining. The problem with all of her efforts was that probably only half the leaves had come down. So that night, and yesterday when we had the blustery conditions, MORE came down. So the yard looks kinda like it did before she did all her work. Sigh. She’ll be at it again.

Today according to the crazy calendar is something called Plush Animal Lovers Day. Except it’s not celebrated in this house. Sure – we love stuffed toys. We just think they look better without the stuffing. The Warden is always in awe of those households where dogs have their very own basket or hamper of plush toys. Even the toys that are “indestructible” don’t have a hope in this house.

Plus did you know there are companies that can make you a plush toy that looks just like your dog? Or cat if you’re so inclined. Here’s one:


The Warden thought the slippers would be cool. But at that price, if one of us got ahold of one – well… there would be no happy feet in this house.

OK. I’m done for today. Time to get this Thursday party started.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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