School and stuff

Hey hey hey blogaroos. Happy fantastic Friday! And it’s not just ANY Friday – it’s back to school Friday. I finished my last term of classes and then we had a little break last week – but we’re back to class today. Since I had my private lesson last week, the Warden has been REALLY consistent in working with me in training. Like the treats don’t come just for being cute. Or entertaining. I actually have to behave. It’s a new world order. Sort of. I mean she thinks she’s training me – but trust me – I’m still in charge. But don’t tell her I said so.

And today, not only do I return to school, but get this – the Boss is in a match tonight. A practice match – like I was in a few weeks ago. But he’s at the Masters level. He’s been doing a bit of training, but really, at the Masters level, there are WAY more opportunities for the Warden to screw up. I mean the old guy generally does what he is told, if he hears the instructions over his barking, but let’s hope the Warden knows what SHE is doing. She’s been studying the signs – and she’s just hoping there are a couple that are not on the course. She’s not good with anything that involves spinning herself. So if there is a spinny sign, they are toast. And they only signed up for one run. So it’s do or die.

Yesterday the Warden spent the morning cleaning the house. Isn’t that funny?! I mean she put all of us outside so she could dust and vacuum. We had the entire back yard to run around in – and it was a beautiful day. But did we play out there very much? Nope. We all put our olfactory art all over the deck door as we stood watching her cleaning. Like inspectors.

She got the dining room all cleaned up – and there was not a speck of anything on the carpet. She shouted through the door that she didn’t want to let us in. Well, she slowly slid open the door, and in we ran, bringing in our latest leaf collection. I said it before – it’s futile.

That’s all the news here. Gotta go pack my treats for school.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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