Hey blogaroos! It’s Squirmy Wormy here for your mid-week entertainment. I heard that the Boss was talking about me – and I’m here to defend myself. Kinda.

I mean I’m trying. I’m trying not to be trying. Does that make sense? But my little hormonals are going crazy right now and my behavior is totally unpredictable. The Warden noticed I seem to be “worried” when I go out. Like even on the trail we walk every day. My ears sometimes go kinda inside out, so she can tell I’m worried. At other times I’m fine. I also have a case of what Viktor would call namenesia. It’s when you forget your name when your human calls – particularly when you are in the presence of other canines, wildlife, or some super good smelling molecules (probably left by some other dog – or some rotting organic matter). I do come like a flash at mealtime, but right now, I’m not all that consistent in super smelly places like the park where the Warden took me yesterday. The place is closed for the season to vehicles, but people can walk in. We only passed one other person and her dog – but trust me, there were enough smells there to start a canine perfume factory. The Warden let me off leash to practice my recall work – and I DID come. But later, when she decided to give me some freedom, and she let me off my leash, I could literally not lift my nose from the ground. Even when she called. So as you might imagine, my leash was put back on.

I DID manage to do some successful sit-stays for the obligatory photos – including a new Where’s Wojtek shot. So I did behave a bit. As we were returning to our car, a guy came along with a German Shorthaired pointer. Off leash. The Warden had visions of the pointer bolting over to see me – and me going into a Cujo routine. But nope. His human had a Chuck-it toy – and that’s ALL that dog wanted. He didn’t even glance at the shaggy mop who was strangling himself on the leash on the other side of the road. As we walked by, the Warden looked at me and said “See how well that dog behaves? Why can’t you do that?” I looked at her, stopped and peed on another stick. What can I say? I’m in a phase. I bet that dog was just more mature….

In other news, you may have seen the group trio shot taken outdoors. The typical festive pumpkin thing. If you didn’t here it is:

Anyway, while the shot does look good, what you didn’t see, and what was thankfully not captured on camera, was when I refused to sit and jumped off the little bench and scraped one of my….ummm….orbs on a pumpkin stalk. Talk about rotten luck. I guess that’s what happens if you don’t sit and stay. Lesson learned there. That’s why I sat so well during the photos the next day. See. I am trainable.

Almost time to get this house moving. I’m the happy guy in the morning who races around joyfully, welcoming the new day. If you can’t be obedient, be entertaining. That’s my motto…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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