Hey everybody! It’s me , Squirmy here on this terrific Tuesday. Well, I hope it’s terrific. There is rain in the forecast again. Yesterday was nice, but holy puddles is was raining Siamese and Chihuahuas on Sunday. It rained ALL day. We did manage to get out for our morning walks before it started, but just as the Coyote was coming down the driveway, the heavens opened. Who knew heaven had so much water!

Something is going on around here. The Warden has been cleaning an awful lot. So you know what THAT means. Either we are getting company, or the Warden is taking parole. I’ll keep you posted.

Today, according to the crazy calendar is the birthday of Confucius- a dude who lived a LONG time ago. He liked to philosophize about stuff. Wonder if he had a blog? Anyway, we took just a few of his quotes and paired them with photos. Of us. Of course. Here they are:

It’s almost time to get ready for bunny patrol. The Warden wishes she had taken a video of that photo you see above. My little stubby tail was just a wigglin’ as I watched Thumper. I just wanted to PLAY with him. Sure I did…

Have a happy Confucius party. And in the words of another Chinese philosopher….Remember, a journey of a thousand miles…is better if you’re doing it with your dog.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Confucius

  1. Great pics and quotes! Thanks to Squirmy, I learned a new phrase today to describe heavy rain: “raining Siamese and Chihuahuas”. 😂


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