Happy birthday

Howdy doody blogaroos. Guess who? You know! It’s Squirmy! And guess what? Today I am going to be a VERY good boy – because……… it’s My Enforcer’s birthday!!! She is celebrating her ….. oops Frodo just said I can’t say which birthday it is. I thought she was as old as the Queen, but I’m thinking I may be a bit off. Based on this blog, it sounds like she could be even older.


I liked what Viktor wrote, so I thought I should include it.

My Enforcer told me a little story this week. Probably being all nostalgic with her birthday. Or just bored.

Anyway, she said that when Viktor went to the Rainbow Bridge, she said she would just have two dogs in her life. She said she thought she was getting “older” so she should just have TWO dogs. Apparently it’s a thing. When you get older, you downsize. And I guess that includes your canines.

But then she started thinking that she wasn’t THAT old. I mean sure, she remembers stuff like the excitement of new pencils on the first day of school; milk machines that dispensed quarts of milk; watching slideshows on a Sunday night of family photos from vacations and holidays; the excitement of getting the big Crayola box with the sharpener; playing with paper dolls; catching moths and putting them in a jar to keep as a pet because she didn’t have a dog; watching black and white TV with like only 3 channels. So we’re talking BEFORE computers; riding in the backseat of the car and laying on the window shelf. So no seat belts; going to drive-in movies and spending more time at the snack bar than watching the movie; taking photos with something called film; playing with friends in the neighborhood and instead of ringing the doorbell, doing this little melodic call at their door “Oh Ju-dy. Oh Kar-en”; wearing rubber boots over her shoes; feeding the neighbors’ dogs steak bones; … she actually remembers the world BEFORE the internet!

But even though she IS THAT old, she figured she STILL could have 3 dogs. Frodo said it was because she was COVID crazy.

Anyway- whether it was a senior moment of not thinking straight, an attempt to hold onto her younger days or whether she was just COVID crazy – it doesn’t matter – because I’m here! Now while some might argue that I DO speed up her aging, I prefer to think that my keeping her on her arthritic toes is good for her!!! She has to stay sharp with me around.

So as Viktor suggested- for My Enforcer’s birthday- do a pay-it-forward gesture. It doesn’t have to be big – but something nice for someone else. That would be the best gift she could receive. That, and me behaving…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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