TV trouble. And jokes.

Hey everybody! Squirmy here! For another Marvelous Monday!

We had a L-A-Z-Y weekend. It was hot. And sunny. Which pretty much causes My Enforcer to melt. Not me. I’d roll ‘til I dropped. But she doesn’t let me. Something about heat stroke blah blah blah.

She actually tried to watch TV this weekend. Like she never watches TV, so you know she was a real heat blob. She discovered something called On Demand TV. Yeah I know it’s been around for decades, but she’s kinda slow on the techno side. I wanted to watch Top Dogs. Instead we ended up watching some home renovation shows. Boring. BUT – before that all started, there was a problem. The TV wasn’t working. She watches it so seldomly, that it wasn’t until the dog sitter told her that the TV wasn’t working that she even knew we had a problem . So LAST weekend ( the one before this past one) she called technical support to get it fixed. They said they had to send out a cable guy. So she made an appointment for last Wednesday. About an hour before the person came, she tried the TV – and miracle of miracles, it was working. So she canceled the appointment. Fast forward to this past weekend and she tries the TV again. Not working. She calls techno support. This time, the lady asked a lot of questions and was telling My Enforcer things to try. Which involved going upstairs and downstairs to the two TV’s. And each time she went, she had three dogs running along with her. At one point two of us started wrestling on the stairs. The guilty parties will remain nameless. At another point when the lady was asking questions, the Coyote, who is generally a pretty quiet guy, just started barking. For no reason. Boof. Boof. Boof. She had to actually excuse herself from the call, race up the stairs and tell him to be quiet. It was a techno gong show. I mean she doesn’t know one box from another – and the lady wasn’t super sweet or patient. Maybe she was constipated or something. She clearly wasn’t a dog owner. She probably has iguanas or something. Anyway, it finally started working- so all was right with the TV world. Until it doesn’t work again…Still – we didn’t get to watch Top Dogs.

Today according to the Crazy Calendar is something called Tell a Joke Day. So, here are some dog jokes! Pick one and tell it to someone to make them groan. Really. Try it out!

The Boss is not exactly the jokester type. He’s still paying his dues for the countersurfing…..

Have a good one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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