Bad Boss

Hey blogaroos! Squirmy the-rabbit-chaser Wormy here on a super Saturday. I hope you’re having a super duper day too.

So you heard about my little run about the other day. Honestly I don’t know what all the fuss was- it’s not like I didn’t come back! I HAD to chase that bunny off our property. I mean he could be eating our plants. Or something. It’s not like I hurt him. He was too fast.

So if you think I’m the “bad” dog right now, I’m here to tell you my big brother told me to move aside. Yup. The ultimate “good” dog. The guy who never runs off. The guy who obeys obedience commands like the treat he will get is the first thing he has eaten in a month. Yup – the BOSS has come over to the dark side.

So you know how there are a variety of canine sports? Obedience. Rally. Agility. Flyball. Herding. Tracking. Scentwork. Fieldwork. Lure coursing. Drafting. Dock diving. The list goes on. If there was a Canine Olympics, all of those would be featured. Well the Boss has begun to perfect his skills in another sport. And just in the past few days he has been in serious training. He’s going for Gold. The sport? Countersurfing. Yes, he has always dabbled in training , but in the past few days he has moved his training up a notch. Nothing is safe on the counters. There was the piece of tin foil that had some grease from a hamburger that had been in the oven. It was sitting on the stove. My Enforcer went into the garage for something and was gone 2.3 minutes. What a mess that made. Then there was the Kong. My Enforcer was stuffing Kongs with yogurt and kibble to put them in the freezer. She went into the garage to get more kibble and as she opened the door to come back into the kitchen, she saw the Boss racing past with a half filled Kong. Busted.

The guy can balance on two legs better than me! And he has a jump and grab technique which would score well in the freestyle event.

Sure. He’s always dabbled in the sport, but he’s totally taking his performance to a new level.

So he’ll definitely be trying out for the next canine Olympics. In countersurfing and needless shouting. That’s his other area of expertise.

The guy looks all innocent and well behaved. But underneath all that coat is a devil waiting to come out. He’s my idol….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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