Vacation post-script

Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here for your reading pleasure. With a bit of an embarrassing tale to share. But Her Highness insisted I do so, probably as partial penance for the disruption I caused while she was away…

Now those who know me, actually I should say those who know me extremely well, know that I am consistently the producer of P3. Picture perfect poop. Worthy of a Google image.

Occasionally, however, I produce a less-than-ideal specimen, like the time I ate grass and also licked the Imp’s head so much that the combination produced a baseball sized lump. Which I screamed while producing. Remember- I go by the title Drama King quite honestly. But in general, I am a good producer.

So imagine Her Highness’ dismay when she received a CALL while she was away, from the sitter, saying that I only produced half of my usual product – and I appeared to be “struggling” to go. AND quite uncomfortable. Her Highness immediately flew into worry-mode…thinking horrid things like obstructions and other nasty diagnoses. She told the sitter to take me out again, to see if I would be successful on a second attempt, and to still feed me breakfast if I was hungry. Which I was. I gobbled down my food, and voraciously ate my Kong.

But – I was in NO hurry to go out. You see, it was POURING, and I emphasize POURING rain, so being out at all caused me to be rather unhappy. Actually- miserable is a better word. I did NOT produce anything on a second walk, but rather pulled like mad to go in the house. The sitter updated Her Highness after each attempt.

Her Highness said to just keep an eye on me, and to give me some canned pumpkin to “get things moving.”

All day long, Her Highness worried about me. She envisioned a vet visit. She envisioned all kinds of horrors. Even though the sitter continually updated her, and said I seemed fine. No distress. No panting. No whining. Hungry for treats. Really I was acting as I normally do, except I had only produced half my normal product…and I had acted VERY dramatic.

It wasn’t until much later that evening that the source of my drama was discovered. A giant cling-on not visible on general inspection. I DO have a lot of coat. The sitter was brushing me, and discovered a large crusty remnant from the morning. And we all know how dramatic I can be. A cling-on in the pouring rain. Can one even imagine a more horrid nightmare?! It is no wonder I was initially distressed.

The next day, I returned to completely normal P3 production- and have ever since.

Her Highness was incredibly relieved to find out the cause of my dramatic morning episode. She could stop obsessively looking at her phone for updates, and could stop telling anyone who would listen that one of her dogs was constipated. I kid you not.

Truthfully, I just wanted to be certain she did not forget about us. As the Imp would say, mission accomplished.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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