Howdy doody blogaroos! Squirmy the-clown Wormy here for your Sunday funnies.

Well guess who came back! My Enforcer! We were starting to wonder – I mean it was over a week and she has threatened on occasion to leave and never come back. That’s generally after we have been particularly naughty. Which come to think of it is every second day…Just jokin’. Kinda.

When she came in the door, she braced herself. With good reason. Between my ricocheting and “love bites”, the Coyote’s jumping and the Boss’ incessant barking, she was in for a dangerous homecoming.

We all went just a bit crazy. Who am I kidding? It was full on PONdemonium with Picrazy on top. It was no time before one hand was bleeding and she had a bruise on her leg. It was a joyous return.

She immediately whipped out the guilt gifts to calm us down. Like that would work. It wasn’t until we discovered that they were EDIBLE, that we actually attempted to sit and control ourselves.

So what kind of edible treats do dogs get from Newfoundland? Well we got fish bites AND moose jerky. Really. We also got these things that look like chocolate. But they aren’t.

The Coyote wasn’t quite sure about the cod bites. But not to worry- no treats are left behind in this household. He also stared at the chocolate bites like an archeologist examining a new discovery. The moose jerky was by far his favorite. We PONs don’t taste the difference. Things that disappear with vacuum speed are difficult to taste.

My Enforcer also bought a collar that any of us could wear. Like we need more collars in this household. Kinda like giving a 4 year old kid clothes for Christmas. That gift was, I think, more because SHE liked it, than WE would like it. It IS cute, I suppose – covered in tiny puffins. Puffins are sea birds, and My Enforcer saw lots in Newfoundland. We have them here in parts of Nova Scotia, but not where we live. So it’s the first time she ever saw some. So yippee. We get a collar with puffins. Pass the moose jerky.

The sitter said we were well behaved. Overall. She said yours truly never stops. I think that’s a BIT of an exaggeration. I do sleep at night…She DID say I was the best to groom. So there you go. I do have my good moments…

After our sitter bid us a fond farewell (come to think of it, she was sure running out the door), My Enforcer gave us more treats and then announced that she had to mow the lawn. Seriously. I mean she JUST got home. OK. So the yard WAS looking like a jungle and rain is in the forecast today, but on homecoming day isn’t there supposed to be a party? Translation: when do we get the rest of the treats?!

The mowing took a bit longer than normal because the mower kept getting clogged with grass. She was too lazy to rake it up, so now we have grass mountains everywhere. I’m not sure all her hard work mowing was much of an improvement.

Anyway, we loved our sitter – she was super nice. And she said she WOULD come back in the future. I’m betting her rates go up…

But even though we loved her, we’re pretty glad to have Her Highness home again. Our happy little quartet is reunited. And it feels so good…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Reunited

  1. So glad to know that Her Highness has arrived back home safe and sound. I’m sure she missed you as much as you missed her. By the look of the photos she posted, she must have had a terrific time. Beautiful province.


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