Rally on

Hey hey hey blogaroos! It’s Squirmy “The unpredictable” Wormy. Yup – I like to keep My Enforcer guessing – she can never ever EVER predict what I will do. Bad OR good.

We know that the beauty pageant class was a gong show on Saturday. So My Enforcer was kinda dreading my behavior for rally class on Sunday night. Let’s face it, it’s been forever since we had a class, and I haven’t been super studious since classes got canceled for the COVID. We arrived at class with our typical 2 minutes to spare, and went in. And I was cool until I noticed a new dog in our group. A very handsome Golden Retriever. Well. We had my Borzoi girlfriend, my Sheltie girlfriend and my Bichon girlfriend. So hello – who was the new dude in class?! Trying to steal my girlfriends? Truthfully, I’m not sure the girls KNEW they were my girlfriends – but still. Anyway, I had to keep my eye on him. A lot. So much so that My Enforcer had to say “leave it!” More than once. But despite my obsession with the new classmate, when it came my turn to do a course, I was all business. And I did a great job!!! Everybody said I must have been fibbing about the beauty pageant class. But no- that really WAS a gong show. The difference with rally class is that I get to DO stuff. And it’s never the same. Unlike beauty pageant class where you run around in a counterclockwise circle. Again and again. And people touch you in private places. Or try to if you don’t sit fast enough. No touching in rally.

Yesterday My Enforcer took a mental health day (away from us) and went to some beach for the day. But Wendy came by to hang out with us and make sure that we weren’t suffering from our abandonment. OK we were fine and Wendy gave us the extra frozen Kongs that My Enforcer had prepared for us. So we survived.

Today we have rain in the forecast. Given the abandonment we endured yesterday, My Enforcer better not be planning any escape for today. Besides – we have some rally work to do. Oh. And beauty pageant stuff too….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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