Weekend recap

Hey hey hey blogaroos! Squirmy here on a Marvelous Monday! We had a good weekend and now a new week begins.

Let’s see…what’s new? Oh. Oh. I know. Did you watch the Westminster Dog Show? We did. The beauty pageant part was on Saturday and Sunday. Because we live in the Great White North, My Enforcer couldn’t figure out how to watch the breed judging live. We had to settle for the recorded versions. We could watch the Group judging live and Best in Show- which lasted late into the night for us. The big winner of the whole jackpot (there really isn’t a money prize – but I’m betting the winner gets LOTS of biscuits) was the Pekingese. I was kinda rooting for the Old English – being a herding dog and all. Plus I liked the Samoyed – who happens to be Canadian! I also thought the the Westie and the Frenchie were cute, and it was cool that the German Shorthair’s father won Best in Show at Westminster. And the Whippet was pretty. So OK, no offense to the Pekingese, but I think if I met one, I might try to chase it. It wasn’t MY pick – but then, I’m no judge. At least not an official one. But still – big congratulations to the swiffer wannabe.

The Coyote was smirking about the whole Westminster thing because there were more Picards entered than PONs: 16 vs 10. And what breed had the most entries? Golden Retrievers eked out the Labs: 44 vs 41. The smallest entry was the White Bull Terrier – with one entered. There were three colored Bull Terriers entered – but I guess they are judged separately. I would like to be the only one entered. I mean unless you bite the judge or have 3 eyes and 2 tails, chances are you will win Best of Breed. I don’t get this whole color thingy- like Cocker Spaniels are all judged differently by color. But we PONs and Picards can come in different colors – but like -we’re all put together. Same thing with Labs. I’m sure there’s some logical, objective explanation about why that happens in some breeds…. But I don’t know.

What else is new? Oh. Oh. I was driving My Enforcer crazy Saturday afternoon (what else is new) so she decided to take me out. That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, I was actually just wanting to play fetch, but she put me in the car and took me out to “socialize” me. First stop was the pet store. I hadn’t been there in AGES. Instead of being shy, I was more interested in seeing what I could potentially steal off the shelves. Bully sticks were at a perfect level. I wasn’t too sure about a Yorkshire Terrier who came around the corner at one point. I thought it was a wind-up toy. His human said “oh she’s friendly” but My Enforcer wasn’t exactly sure what I might do, so she said “oh that’s great- but we’ll just move out of her way.” I did take treats from some dude who worked there, but I wasn’t overly enthused. I mean ya never know- it could be poison. Although I did see My Enforcer hand it to him.

After the pet store, we went to a giant book store. I found that rather boring, as I’m not much of a reader. I was more interested in the home goods they sell. My Enforcer had to keep me moving as I kept trying to inspect things on the shelves. I did sit nicely when she went to the cash to buy something, and let’s face it – the true success is measured in the fact that I didn’t pee on anything.

My Enforcer was all ready to take me back to my Rally class last night, but LUCKILY, she checked her email messages before we went. We don’t start up again until NEXT week. All that grooming for nothing….

OK. Time to walk and get my feet muddy. Have a marvelous day.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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