Cowboy Wo

Howdy blogaroos. It’s Squirmy. Here to tell you about my latest nickname. At least it’s one I can put in print for a change. I now go by Cowboy Wo. And it all came about as a result of our snowstorm.

So on Sunday night we got a LOT of snow. Way more snow than I’ve seen in my entire life. OK. So I’m not even a year old. But still – it was the most I’ve ever seen!

The snow was way up over my belly. So I kinda needed to hop everywhere. I sorta had to hop and push like a snowplow. Here’s an example:

It was actually pretty tiring – for other dogs. But not me. I hopped around everywhere. And the Coyote did too. The Boss, on the other hand, promptly peed on the deck and went back in.

But I was only outside for a little while when the snow began to attack me. Really. It started forming little balls all over my legs and my belly. AND also in my private areas. It was at that point that I sat down and wouldn’t…make that couldn’t move.

My Enforcer immediately knew what was happening, so she instructed me to go inside. So I headed up the deck stairs.

And that’s when I got my nickname. Those snowballs had attached themselves everywhere and onto private areas I never knew I had. I was walking like a cowboy who just got off his horse after a full day of moving cattle. I had a very unique gait. My expression was kinda dazed. I just wanted the extra 20lbs I was carrying to be gone.

Now My Enforcer wanted photos of the problem, but this was no time for recording my dilemma. The pictures all came out blurry.

This snowball dilemma is a problem for lots of dogs. And it just so happens that there is this video circulating about removing snowballs on your dog with a whisk:

Thank goodness My Enforcer didn’t see this when I had my dilemma. The thought of whisking my privates is pretty scary!

Nope. She did her old fashioned method. Plop me in the dog bathtub and spray warm water over the balls to melt them. Works every time. Sure, I ended up pretty wet. But at least we didn’t do an “at home neuter.”

Guess I’ll be wearing a gortex suit the next little while. Yeah- she should get a video of trying to get THAT on me. I may be called Cowboy Wo, but I’m still Squirmy too.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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