A new Coyote friend

Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here to tell you all about my latest adventures. And I’ve had a couple!!!!

Like yesterday! Guess who I met?! You’ll never guess. Yes you will because you looked at the photo! It’s Mini Elroy!!!! I got to meet Tupper and his big sister, Willow!!!!!!! We met up with them at a park!!!

Well. Let me tell you. When the two of them came up to me, I started shaking right down to my toes. I thought I was seeing things!!!! TWO Coyotes!!! At first, I was a bit tentative, and maybe even a bit scared. I kinda even did the PON snappy thing – which basically means – don’t get too close because I’m overwhelmed. Yeah well that lasted all of about 2 minutes and then I was fine. I mean how could anybody be scared of this face?!

So then we all went for a long walk. And of course had to take photos….

I like this one taken by Tupper’s human, Emma. I’m telling him how to counter surf….

The trails we went on were a bit wet and muddy. Somehow the Coyotes looked exactly the same at the end of the walk, but yours truly looked nothing like I did after my morning grooming. My Enforcer said I looked like a woodland stray. Note my rugged look on the photo on the bench…

I had a great time with the Coyotes. I hope we can get together again soon!

And guess what else? I’m a big boy now!!! No – I’m still not lifting my leg to pee. I bet that’s what some of you dog people immediately thought. Nope. Even better than being able to pee on the barbecue. I got to sleep out of my crate at night!!! Honestly, I thought it was a trick. The door was left open to my crate. I came out, and didn’t know where to go or what to do! My Enforcer even told me I could get on the bed. But she regretted that invitation when I tried to eat the pillows. And her toes under the covers. Personally, I found the bed too warm, so I opted for a comfy place on the floor. And I was good ALL night. But. As soon as I heard My Enforcer open her eyes in the morning (we dogs have supersonic hearing when it comes to humans waking up) I went and tried to help her get up faster by biting her. It worked!!!! She had to fend me off like a person swatting away hornets after they accidentally step on their nest. She got up super fast!!!!

So I’ve graduated to nighttime freedom. Although the crate wasn’t put away just yet. In case I do something to lose my probation. How likely is that? Don’t answer that….

Not sure what’s on the agenda today. But no matter what, I’ll find a way to make it fun!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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