More classes

Zippideee Do Da. Guess who it is on this happy Monday? It’s me again! Squirmy!!!!!!! And boy oh boy did I have an exciting weekend!!!!!

OK. OK. So first I went to my handling class to learn how to be a show dog!!!!! And I went with my girlfriend Gena, the German Shepherd. Oh. My. Gosh. She’s so pretty. And she knows how to run around a ring. She doesn’t run- she glides. She’s new to this too but she’s a natural. I have a crush on her.

Meanwhile, when I wasn’t staring at her, I was acting like a hummingbird who drank too much nectar. You see, when I go to my obedience classes, I know I’m supposed to heel nice and close to My Enforcer. And I’m awesome at it! Really! I can be! I trot right alongside My Enforcer at a nice controlled pace. BUT…in handling class I learned that you kinda run at the end of the leash away from your human. And whoooeeeeee did I have fun. My own kind of fun. Running and jumping and essentially dragging My Enforcer around the ring. I had a BLAST. But for some reason, My Enforcer wasn’t having NEARLY as much fun. She just can’t keep up with me. And I tried everything to help her – including pulling on the leash with my teeth. It was a total free for all.

Oh oh. And I learned you don’t sit in show classes. Like you do in obedience. You’re supposed to stop and stand like a statue. Ha ha HA. Me? Stand still????? I just wanted to run and play with EVERYBODY. I think I heard My Enforcer say the words “out of control” and “over the top.” Whatever that means. Anyway I had FUN. I mean what’s not to have fun – you run around and get a treat!!!

So imagine when I went to obedience class last night and I tried the same run around routine! And now I was SUPPOSED to sit. At one point My Enforcer said “sit” and I just stared at her as if to say “make up your mind.” This is all so confusing sometimes. I had to learn to get into my obedience mode again. Holy moly it’s a lot for my puppy brain.

Oh oh and I forgot to tell you that BEFORE I went to my handling class I had to have a BATH!! Now I always have a brushing before my obedience classes – but apparently you’re supposed to be EXTRA clean for show class. So right now I’m not sure which class I like better. You can run like wild at show class but you can’t sit down and you have to be clean. At obedience class you have fun too, and you do get to sit – AND you don’t need a bath. BUT you get treats in BOTH of them. So I think it’s a tie. But obedience does have a slight edge because you can go and look wild. In appearance anyway. I just like spending time with My Enforcer- so that’s really the important thing. That and the treats.

Well it’s time to get the gang rolling. Although I THINK I heard there is rain in the forecast so we know what THAT means. Short walks. And coming up with ways to entertain us indoors. Don’t worry- My Enforcer will think of something. Or we will entertain ourselves…..but that usually spells trouble….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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