The explanation

Greetings blog readers. Frodo here for your reading pleasure. I feel that I have recently been “misunderstood,” so today I am writing because I believe I should explain my behavior.

Let’s begin with my barking in class. I am not trying to cause a problem. I simply want to comment about the exercises. Are we canines not allowed to voice our opinion? I thought that freedom of speech extended to us canines. You two leggeds certainly allow us to speak up if a stranger approaches our home. In fact, we are encouraged to alert you to in the event that a burglar arrives. Yet silence is the norm during canine obedience classes. Tsk tsk.

And as for my little culvert episode the other day – well I can also explain that. At home we play a game called “Find the bunny”. Or “ Find the lambie.” Depending whether the the object of the finding is still intact, and not losing too much stuffing as a result of some dog’s overly exuberant “find.” Anyway to find the object, one must use one’s nose. If one doesn’t, he ends up running here and there, without finding the wounded stuffed animal. So we have trained our noses to be exact. Therefore is it any wonder I would use my well trained proboscis to smell something outdoors? I believed it was wild animal, so I needed to protect my human. True – calling the neighbor’s cat a “wild animal” may be a bit of a stretch. But one never knows how those cats may react.

I hope my arguments have cleared my name. I generally have a reputation for impeccable behavior, save my incessant barking and dislike for crates. I wouldn’t want that reputation tarnished by some obvious misunderstandings.

I am off to class again this evening. I have done an inventory on the reward cuisine, and I expect my behavior this evening will be admirable. I see there is both dried beef and lamb lung on the menu- so no worries about my performance tonight. As for my behavior when NOT performing… we shall see.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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