She’s leaving

Hello readers. Frodo here. It’s about time I got to say a few words. The beatnik has been the “busy” one around here lately. Although…the other morning, yours truly got to go on an hour long walk with my old buddy Jackson. Aka Pigpen. Just me and my buddy. Oh – and yes our humans as well.

It was a crisp and dry morning. Although in typical Pigpen style, my friend was able to find any open, muddy puddle or stream – and he would run through them with wild abandon . I truly like Pigpen- but that behavior is rather incomprehensible to me. Still, we had a lovely walk.

The other day, I noted that her highness was doing an awful lot of house cleaning. That futile task that humans must do – which is doubly futile when you are owned by a canine. Or two. And the ground IS becoming muddy. It’s a pity one cannot use a power washer indoors.

But back to the clean-a-thon. We knew something was up. And it was actually the beatnik who noticed the telltale evidence of the reason for the cleaning. He walked by the stairs and began to growl. And he never growls. So something was amiss. I went over to see why he was growling – and there it was. Right on the landing. A suitcase. Her highness is leaving us.

She is headed to North Carolina to visit her aunt and uncle and cousins. She began planning this trip last fall. And as her luck would have it, she is going in the middle of a pandemic. She has loaded her purse with all sorts of cleaning cloths and hand sanitizer – I pity anyone next to her on the plane who has sensitivities to scents.

Although precautions cannot be taken lightly, she has survived a PONdemic – so she will be OK. Our girlfriend, Char will be staying with us – so we will be just fine. She’s good at giving out treats. And I’ll be sure to remind her where they are…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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