My weekend. Part 2.

Yo. It’s me again. Elroy. So I have to tell you about the second part of my weekend. I went sheep herding again!!

I LOVE sheep. I mean I LOVE sheep. So when we arrived at the farm, I could not WAIT to see them.

This time, I had three new sheep. Sheep who aren’t QUITE as dog savvy as the last three. AND I was in a much bigger pen. With more room for the sheep (and me) to run.

I was happy to see Heather, my instructor- and was rating to go. Yes – raring I was. In fact a bit over-the-top raring. I was barking and pulling and well, acting a bit insane. And this time, Heather didn’t use the flag – just a long pole to remind me about the rules.

Her highness videotaped bits and pieces of me. We took a break about half way through my lesson, and I was able to run loose in a huge field. But honestly, after a little run, I went right back to the pen and was waiting for Heather and her highness to come back. I couldn’t wait to go back with the sheep.

Now despite my exuberance and my love for sheep, let’s just say I kind of had a brain fart when it came to remembering Rule # 5. The one about not attempting to sample the moving lambchops. See this….

That’s what you get when you attempt to nibble a moving lambchop’s butt. A mouthful of fluff. So watch this video….it’s my true confession video. You see me doing not I TOO badly. Heather was able to let me loose. But you will also see a brief instant when a tuft of wool suddenly appears in the middle of the pen – seemingly out of nowhere. But if you watch REALLY closely, you’ll catch yours truly sampling the moving lambchop butt. Then you see Heather shout at me. After which I return to my pleasant herding persona.

I apologize for breaking Rule #5. I’m not sure WHAT happened. Like I said – a brain fart. Luckily the sheep was fine. But I do promise to be more respectful in the future. Heather said it happens. And thankfully, I can go back.

When my lesson was over, I got to watch a pretty 10 month old Border Collie girl with my sheep. She didn’t bark. Or go crazy. I think I need to be more border collie-like. I need to crouch more. Just joking! Picards don’t herd like border collies. We herd more upright. Still. That little girl was sure impressive. I watched with awe. Just wait till next time. Now that I’ve seen the technique, I’ve got it. No worries. And no more sampling. Besides – who wants fluff in their mouth?!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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