Yo. Elroy here. I’m here to remind everyone today of two things. 1. The Crufts dog show is well underway in England. It’s her highness’ favorite show. Doggie Disney World. She’s been a couple of times and no doubt she will go again . If we let her.

2. Not only is Crufts happening – today is the most important day there. Well – at least the Boss and I think it is. It’s the day for the Pastoral group judging. It almost sounds like it’s a group for religious dogs – but nope – it’s the herding breeds – like me and the Boss. And trust me – we are no saints.

If I read the info correctly, there are 35 PONs and 5 Picards entered. And 619 Labrador Retrievers. Really. I’m not joking. But the Labs aren’t in the Pastoral Group. They are in the Gundog Group. They can carry rifles. Just joking. I’m so funny. Anyway what breed do you think had the biggest entry in the Pastoral Group – with an entry of 363? The geniuses of the dog world – the Border Collies. And speaking of those guys, here is one of the winners from the Freestyle competition. Surprise. Surprise that it’s a Border Collie.

Her highness thought we should try this routine. Except she envisioned herself ending up with multiple broken bones after tripping over us. Yeah – she’s DEFINITELY not coordinated enough to do this with us. Just the THOUGHT of us trying this makes her laugh. A lot.

So we’ll have to see if we can watch the group judging online. The Boss and I can bet biscuits as to who will win. Actually, he wins no matter what because I usually spit out my biscuit or I eat it so slowly and drop the pieces that he gets at least half of mine. As well as his own. He’s pretty smart…

Time to go play dog show.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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