The condo

Frodo here. Well. I have now witnessed another example of strange Picard behavior. The beatnik never ceases to intrigue me.

In her highness’ bedroom there is a crate. A crate that is large enough to house a small pony. Actually- a large pony. The door is always open – in fact it should just be taken off. The beatnik LOVES that crate – and if you can’t find him, that’s where he is. Outstretched with his feet in the air. He thinks it’s his condo.

At night, if he isn’t on her highness’ bed, he is in the condo. And one might think that is all good and cozy. And it would be – if it weren’t for his unpredictable thrashing about in his sleep. He moves around and sometimes make such a loud racket, that he can awaken her highness from a sound sleep. Bam. Boom.

Because his nocturnal crate moves can be quite loud, her highness decided some time ago that perhaps she should get a padded crate mat to damper the sounds. And of course, it would be more comfortable for him. She had been looking at a particular mat that is sold at a big box store. Every week she watches the flyers to see if it is on sale. But alas, the one she wanted never seemed to be a bargain.

The other day when she was at the store, an employee saw her looking at the mats and asked if she needed assistance. Her highness bemoaned the fact that the mat she wanted never seemed to be on sale. The woman said “let me see what I can do.” Her highness was quite surprised as she didn’t think a big box store would offer a possible deal on an item not marked as a sale item. But low and behold, the woman returned and said she could give her highness a 30% discount. Her highness said “sold.” She paid for the mat and couldn’t wait to get home.

When she came home she held out the mat for us to see. She was SO excited. She put the mat in the pony condo. The beatnik and I watched with great interest. She then invited him to go in. He stood at the door and looked in like one of those home makeover TV shows where the people return to see their newly decorated abode. She told him to go in. He ran in. And then he ran out. He did it again. He looked as thrilled as those makeover people.

So a wonderful happy story. Correct? Alas, not so much. You know how the beatnik will do things like stare into the distance- at nothing. Or he will stare at his food bowl like it is the first time he has been fed from that bowl? Well. That night he stared into his condo. But he wouldn’t go in. Her highness told him to go in and told him to lie down. He did. But as soon as she walked away, out he came. He refused all night to go in the crate. Same routine last night. He would sleep on her highness’ bed or on the floor. But he had NO interest in going in his condo. Not with that new mat in there.

Her highness was SO disappointed. We can only hope that he will get used to it and will return to condo living. I wish he would – he takes up a lot of space on the bed.

He’s an interesting fellow. Oh and he gives me an excellent haircut….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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