Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s Day. The day to say you appreciate your loved ones. Human or canine.

Frodo here. I must confess I am a BIT embarrassed because I discovered this week that our neighbors know us dogs all too well. You see, her highness received some Valentine flowers – from us boys. That’s what the card said. But it was REALLY from the neighbors. How nice was THAT?! We really DO live in the nicest neighborhood around. And speaking of which, there is a house for sale in our neighborhood. If anyone comes to look at the house, I must meet them as part of the interview process. We cannot have anyone living on MY road who does not like dogs. I must contact that real estate agent today to let him know my availability.

Her highness didn’t get any new “props” or attire at the Dollar store this time. So we were forced to use props from previous Valentine photo shoots. It was a rather miraculous shoot. It literally took only minutes. For some odd reason, the beatnik was cooperative. He actually LOOKED at the camera. The fact that her highness was balancing fluffy squeaky toys on her head may have helped.

And speaking of photos…. her highness saw the following video on Facebook the other day. So she was watching it – and suddenly realized that yours truly and Brother Viktor are in the video! Now we would get all excited, however we also noted that there is an Old English Sheepdog in the video – and they have tried to pass him off as a PON. So much for credibility. Anyway, watch the video and see if you can count how many times Viktor and/or I appear. There won’t be any huge prize if you guess correctly- other than knowing you are a brilliantly observational human. Good luck.

Well time to go and be nice to her highness on this day that celebrates a martyred guy who was the patron saint of love, happy marriages, beekeepers, the plague and epilepsy. I’m not joking. Hallmark decided to capitalize on the love part. No one wants to send plague cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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