A vet visit. Of course.

Yo. Elroy the herder here. The Boss said I shouldn’t get so cocky calling myself a herder just yet. HE says it is beginner’s luck. I say he is just jealous. I have found my niche (whatever that means – I didn’t realize I lost it) – and I look forward to more meetings with the woolies.

Meanwhile, White Fang had to go to the vet. Yup – the broken tooth fiasco. Now, as far as I could tell, it wasn’t THAT big a problem. And ya know what? If her highness had not been present when the tooth exploded (I love using dramatic descriptions), she would probably not have even noticed that the Boss now had a a symmetrical smile. But no – she saw it happen. And because she becomes neurotic about us, she started watching every move he made. If he licked his lips – it must be the tooth. If he twitched his face – it must be the tooth. Add to that – Dr Google can present humans with a HOST of catastrophic ailments resulting from a broken tooth. Never mind the fact that his other canine is broken and it never caused a problem. That must have been before Google.

Anyway, she decided to take him to the vet – just to be sure. She even took the tooth in a little box to show the vet. Like our poor vet has never seen a tooth before. Let me tell you – our vets spend a whole lot more time treating her highness than they do us. They are VERY patient. The vet said the Boss COULD get a root canal with a cap – but she didn’t really think that was a good idea. She felt it would be best if the tooth came out. Along with a cracked molar in the back. They made the appointment for next week. The vet asked her highness if she wanted an estimate. Her highness said “no”- she loves surprises. Besides – she can double dip – our vet gives air miles AND if she puts the bill on her VISA she gets MORE points. Gotta look at the silver lining. She said to her vet, “not sure what I’ll do with this tooth.” The vet wryly suggested making a pendant. Brilliant idea. What a great conversation piece when she wears it. Just kidding….

Yesterday, for our afternoon jaunt, we went down to the lake. And guess what we discovered? Well her highness discovered. The ice along the edge of the lake LOOKS solid. But it isn’t. Well – it’s solid enough to hold me. Or the Boss. But it isn’t solid enough for her highness. It all goes back to too much Halloween candy. In 2018.

Anyway, I was about 8 feet from the shoreline on the ice ( and of course on a leash). The Boss was out there too. The Boss came back and her highness decided (surprise surprise) to get a photo of yours truly. So she stepped out to position me. And that’s when we heard the splooosh. Her left foot went through the ice and into the water. Now before you get panicky, the water along the shoreline is about 20 inches deep. And even at 8 feet out it’s only about 36” deep. So nobody was in any danger of drowning. We never really go far out – even when it’s super cold. But we had some warmer weather the past few days – so clearly, parts of the lake melted.

So here she has one foot down in the water over her nice leather boot. The other foot is on the ice and she is balancing so she doesn’t get the other foot in too. So she kind of throws herself backward into the shoreline repeating a series of phrases I cannot write here. The Boss and I just looked at her. She stood up on the shore, and said we had to get back to the house. Her foot was cold and wet. The Boss just rolled his eyes.

We had to move quickly – I BARELY had time to stop and poop. She got in the house and quickly took off her boot. She positioned it so it would dry out. Probably by June.

Never a dull moment. Ever.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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